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How Provides Instant Support for VLACS Students

Have you ever been stuck on an assignment when your instructor wasn’t available? Whether you’re …

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students studying cell drawing in front of whiteboard

What are Executive Skills and Why Do I Need Them?

Essay’s due tomorrow, but there’s soccer practice tonight. If I miss practice, I won’t be …

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Students collaborate in classroom while working on a project

VLACS Launches New “Learning to Learn” Resource

For any student to thrive in an academic setting, they must first learn how to learn!  We …

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group of students joined together

The Benefits of Gratitude And Why You Should Practice It Year-Round

Thanksgiving is more than getting together with family and friends for good food and interesting …

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Student building relationships to help school career

How Building Relationships Prepares Students For Success

Successful learning isn’t a stagnant activity. It’s dynamic and fluid, a continuously …

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proud high school graduates

VLACS Strategies for Preventing High School Dropouts

In the United States, 1.2 million students drop out of high school every year. High school dropouts …

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mother helping homeschool child with homework

4 Reasons Why Parents Are Choosing Online Homeschooling Programs

With educational priorities shifting and technology advancing, a boom in the number of students …

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girl doing VLACS on her laptop with support from her parents

Tips for Online Student Success: 3 Ways Parents Can Help

As a parent, you are an integral part of your child’s education. That rings true whether they …

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