Business Partnerships

Change students’ lives, support workforce development, contribute to a healthy economy in your community, and much more when you work with VLACS as a business partner or an individual professional mentor.

Help Shape the Future of Your Industry.

We partner with professionals and organizations across New Hampshire to provide students with valuable learning opportunities that support their career exploration.

Our career-focused programs empower students to explore their interests, make real-world connections, build their social capital, and pursue their aspirations. With the help of businesses and leaders like you, we can make these experiences accessible for all students so that when it is time for them to become your colleagues, they are prepared.

Partner with us and be the influence students need to succeed after graduation.


VLACS Professional Partners


Live Career Connection Sessions


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Discover our current mentors

When you become a mentor with VLACS, you join our catalog of dedicated professionals making a lasting impact. Explore the mentor profiles featured in our catalog and be the next professional to represent your industry.

What can you do to make a difference?

Consider working with students in your community through any of these opportunities.

Job shadow

Job shadows empower students to observe you performing your daily duties while asking questions about your role to get a realistic perspective about your job.


Micro-internships provide students an opportunity to research and explore your career, then produce entry-level work that is authentic to the tasks you would do.

Career Connections

Career Connections are live webinars you can host for a group of students interested in learning about your industry. You can share pathways to pursue your career, perform a demonstration, offer a virtual tour of your workplace, or hold a Q&A.

Outside Expert

Being an outside expert connects you with a student exploring your career. As an outside expert, you can provide feedback on a project they are working on or answer any questions students may have about your field in a one-on-one setting.

Company Partnership

Establish a company partnership with us to exhibit your commitment to building a healthy workforce and equipping students with the skills they need to succeed. We’ll work together to develop experiences students can pursue at your organization to prepare for their future careers. Plus, we’ll celebrate and promote our partnership with our community.

Hear From Our Partners

My experience as a VLACS Professional Partner has been phenomenal. I’ve been able to engage with students in a career day session and also to provide internship opportunities. VLACS students are intelligent, engaged, and rewarding to work with. I highly recommend this program to support the education and development of our next generation of colleagues.

Sabrina Estabrook-Russett, BVM&S, MRCVS
Veterinarian & VLACS Professional Partner

Working with VLACS was a great experience. Their administrative and teaching staff were terrific to work with and very welcoming and attentive.

Jay Burgess
Public Properties Superintendent with City of Concord, NH & VLACS Professional Partner

I hope that students feel encouraged hearing my story and how I got into the field and what I’m doing with my career now… That they just feel encouraged to pursue those things and to not feel discouraged when their path towards something doesn’t quite look like their classmates or their friends around them.

Erica Smith
Dental Hygienist & VLACS Professional Partner

I think VLACS, the opportunities that you have available for your students, is fantastic because it provides for open dialogue. I had great questions. It keeps me on my toes. It is a great opportunity for anyone in any sector.

Jennifer Landon
VP of Education and Workforce Development & VLACS Professional Partner

Company Partnerships

Interested in partnering with us?

Volunteer to work with the future generation of your industry and bring awareness to your collaboration in the education space. Establish a working relationship with our school and your business today.

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VLACS Equal Opportunity Fund

Please consider joining us in our initiative to provide financial support to students and adults who need assistance achieving their educational and career goals.

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