Ways to Learn


Explore, have fun, and challenge yourself by solving real-world problems when you learn through projects.

Take On the World, One Project at a Time

If you were an ecotourism guide, how would you help people connect to their environments in more healthy and sustainable ways? What about being an athletic coach — how would you support an injured player? Or maybe you’d like to try being a poet. How might you express your passions through verse?

With VLACS projects, you can try on all these roles and more. Each project outlines a real-life scenario that someone in a specific career might face. You’ll develop skills and master one or more competencies by doing the work that someone in that career would do. Some projects may also let you earn a digital badge to help you show off your accomplishments to colleges and future employers.

Gain Real-World Knowledge and Skills

Projects empower you to explore your interests and passions by taking on the persona of a professional in a field you’re interested in. During a project, you’ll practice the same skills that professionals would use on the job and create a final product to demonstrate what you’ve learned. For example…

Product Photographer

Use light and composition in product photography and create a portfolio of photographs that entices consumers to purchase a product.


Create a report that suggests how a customer’s diamond should be cut to one with ideal proportions and symmetry.

TV Producer

For October’s National Book Month, present a TV show proposal explaining how selected texts relate to a theme.

Master Competencies Through Projects

Just like all ways to learn at VLACS, projects focus on mastering specific competencies that will allow you to move forward in your studies. When you complete a project, you and your instructor will meet virtually to discuss whether you are ready to move forward to the next competency in the competency group, or if you need some extra time to master the material.

How It Works

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1. Enroll

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2. Learn

With your instructor’s support, you will dive into the project, conducting research and applying skills to master competencies and complete your project.

3. Assess

Each project ends in a discussion-based assessment with your instructor, who will review your project and determine if you’ve met the competency requirements or if you need more time to work.

A Project for Every Interest

VLACS offers hundreds of competency groups, and many competencies can be mastered through a project. Whether you already have a future career in mind, or you want to explore your interests in a career-focused format, projects are a fun, engaging way to learn through doing.

Ways to Learn


Learn at your own pace through virtual lessons, assignments, and assessments, with the one-on-one support of a certified teacher.


Build a custom learning experience based on your interests. Earn credit through work, internships, travel, entrepreneurship, and other “real world” activities.


Students demonstrate mastery of a competency by assuming the role of a person in a trade or profession and completing a project that is based on a real world task or problem. Every student is supported by a certified VLACS instructor.

Early College Program

Complete college courses and earn high school and college credits while you’re still in high school.

Interests & Careers

Explore subjects that spark your curiosity, pursue your passions and interests, gain new skills, or even prepare for your future career.

Intro to App Development
Study for exam
Culinary Internship
Practice knife skills
Close-up of a young elementary school student in a robotics and technology class -holds a robot model .
Geometry Project
Build prototype
Children’s Literature
Write children’s book
Careers in Criminal Justice
Shadow Attorney
LNA Training
Prepare for certification

Hear From Students and Families Like You

[My teacher] was so nice. She was always super interested in what I was doing. That’s why I love VLACS so much. I never feel like I’m wasting my time with my VLACS work. Everything is super helpful in my learning.

Elizabeth Kourbatski
Part-Time High School Student

My experience with VLACS has been exceptional. I have been able to complete coursework at my own pace, and I can choose which courses interest me. My instructors encourage me to do my best, while providing support along the way.

Camper Dales
Full-Time High School Student

The accessibility of teachers almost anytime we need help has been massively supportive for me and my kids. I cannot say enough about it.

Robin Kloos
Middle School Parent

VLACS has given me the boost of confidence to better my life, as well as a chance to say “I did it!”

Kayla Nolin
Adult Education Diploma Student

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