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What is Digital Literacy?

Your teacher has assigned a research paper on the effects of air pollution. To complete the assignment, you turn to the world
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5 Time Management Tips for Online Learners

December is here and as we wrap up the year, our days tend to get busy! If you live in New England, the winter wonderland

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The Benefits of Gratitude And Why You Should Practice It Year-Round

Thanksgiving is more than getting together with family and friends for good food and interesting conversation. It spurs that
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VLACS Student Debuts Her First Music Video

"All cures begin with love." - Emma Jedow Emma Jedow is finishing her final months as a high school student at VLACS with
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How Teachers Can Use VLACS’s Learning Journeys In the Classroom

If you’re a classroom teacher and you teach part-time VLACS students, read on.   VLACS and the classroom go hand in hand,