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Enjoy School Like You Did In Kindergarten – Really!

Remember how fun kindergarten was? You could spend the day doing activity centers that were so much fun you didn't even realize you were learning.  You
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The Not-So-Secret Ingredient for Success: Relationships

When Kaly Washington joined VLACS as a World Languages teacher, she had already experienced VLACS from a parent perspective while homeschooling her

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What Are Learning Pods?

What are learning pods? Learning pods are small groups of 5-10 students who learn under the supervision of an adult guide at a designated location,
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Why Your Mentorship Could Change A Student’s Life

How did you land your first professional gig? Did you know a family member or friend who worked in the industry? Did you study the field in college?
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Keeping up with the Classes

High school is filled with experiences. Studies, extracurriculars, community service, internships, and then, the telltale question on everyone's