Course Curriculum

Rigorous and Engaging Course Content for Every Learner

At VLACS, we are proud to offer a curriculum that is unparalleled in both its depth and breadth, so you can feel confident in your learning.

Cutting-edge Curriculum for Today’s Learners

The VLACS curriculum offers best-in-class course content, so you know you’re getting an education that will prepare you for whatever comes next.

About Our Courses

We purchase our courses from vetted course providers who work to rigorously maintain content. This curriculum is aligned with national and state standards, NCAA-approved, and subject to AP audits. VLACS projects and experiences are written by a trained group of certified instructors. Our experienced instructional designers prepare each course for publication in our learning management system, Canvas. All courses are accessible 24/7 from any device with an internet connection. 

Course Modules

Each course contains a series of three to eight modules that focus on different topics within the course’s subject matter. Each module consists of lessons that include text and video material for students to learn concepts within the module, plus writing assignments, quizzes, and tests to practice what they’ve learned. When you enroll in a course, you will complete each module in chronological order.


At the beginning of each course, you will work with your instructor to determine a realistic, achievable learning pace. You’ll get a pace chart as a guideline to help you plan how many assignments they should complete each week in order to stay on track. If you end up needing more time to master any part of your coursework, that’s okay. You can take as much time as you need as long as you continue to complete assignments and check in with your instructor at regular intervals. 


When you complete a course module, your instructor will schedule a video call to complete a discussion-based assessment. Your instructor will ask you a set of fixed questions related to what you learned in the module. Depending on the results of the DBA, you’ll either move on to the next module or take some extra time to master the concepts in the previous module.

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Our Course Providers

FlexPoint Education Cloud

VLACS’s core K-12 and adult education curriculum is purchased from FlexPoint. FlexPoint courses are fully accredited through Cognia and WASC. FlexPoint courses are highly interactive, research-based, and dynamic, with AP and Honors pathways available. 

Pointful Education

Pointful Education courses are structured in a research-based format featuring engaging content, interactives, videos, graphics, discussion boards, activities, and projects. We purchase career-focused electives from Pointful Ed. 

eDynamic Learning

eDynamic supplies courses in career and technical education and elective offerings for grades 6-12. Courses are designed to meet national and industry certification exam standards so students are prepared with the knowledge and skills to obtain industry-recognized certifications.  


All Math and English courses for grades 6-12 are purchased through the NROC Project. The NROC’s award-winning curriculum incorporates multimedia content to engage students in the content. 

Accelerate Education

Accelerate Education provides art electives for grades K-5. Accelerate supplies rich and engaging content to meet state standards through activities, projects, and assessments appropriate for the subject and grade level. 


Carone Learning supplies all VLACS Health and Phyiscal Education offerings for grades K-12. Carone’s goal-centric curriculum meets the latest standards for health, fitness, and career learning, through scientifically-based content developed from academic and professional standards. 

Methods Teacher

Music offerings including guitar, piano, and ukulele for grades 6-12. 

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