Virtual Open Houses

Live Webinars for Families and Students

Find out why online learning at VLACS has been an excellent fit for families and school partners for more than 14 years. Whether you’re looking for an introduction to our programs, or you want resources to help your students succeed, there’s a webinar for you.

Discover What VLACS Can Do for You

Browse our webinars and open houses for the information and resources you need to decide if VLACS is right for your family or school — plus support for helping students thrive at VLACS.

Getting Started: New Parents & K-12 Students

Webinars and open houses for families interested in what VLACS has to offer.

An Introduction to VLACS for Part-Time Students

Who it’s for: Parents and students in grades K-12

What you’ll learn: This open house is the first step for families and students who want to take any of our 400+ courses while attending your local school. We’ll provide an overview of everything VLACS can offer you, from career courses and badges to dual credits and advanced placement.

Prospective Full-Time Student Information

Who it’s for: Parents and students in grades K-12

What you’ll learn: Make VLACS your official school of record and register full-time! This webinar offers everything you need to know about our full-time elementary, middle, and high school programs, like the admissions process, graduation and attendance requirements, and more.

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Nurturing Executive Skills for Lifelong Success

Connect with parents like you and explore strategies to help your student manage their time effectively, set routines, and meet deadlines during this workshop hosted by VLACS instructors.

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Getting the Most from VLACS: Parents & K-12 Students

Webinars to support families with children already attending VLACS.

Planting the Seeds of a Growth Mindset: Nurturing Your Child’s Potential

Who it’s for: Parents

What you’ll learn: Want to see your child thrive, grow, and become resilient, confident, and lifelong learners? Attend this webinar to help you nurture these qualities through growth mindset strategies, like embracing challenges, overcoming obstacles, and learning from feedback.

Balancing the Scale: Artificial Intelligence’s Dual Role in Education Advancement

Who it’s for: Students and parents in grades 6-12

What you’ll learn: Discover the world of Artificial Intelligence, its impact, and how it’s reshaping education. We’ll explore chatbots, AI’s positive and negative aspects, generative AI’s role, ethical considerations, and navigating AI’s rapid evolution. Equip yourself with the knowledge to ensure you or your child benefits from AI’s potential while avoiding its pitfalls.

Adult Education

Webinars for adults interested in learning with VLACS.

Adult Education at VLACS

Who it’s for: Adult learners

What you’ll learn: Earn a diploma, prepare for a higher education program, make a career change, or pick up a new skill. Students without a high school diploma over 21 years of age or students 18 years or older with a high school diploma are eligible for this​ affordable, flexible, and rigorous program. Watch a pre-recorded webinar to learn more about what VLACS can do for you.

How Do I Register?

To register for an open house, please select from the options above, and you will be prompted to complete the appropriate registration form. Webinar dates and times are listed on the registration page. After completing the form, we will send you an email with the link to the meeting. Please make sure that your email is accurate.

Ready to Learn on Your Terms?

Discover how you can customize your learning based on your needs, interests, and talents.

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