Current School Partners

Welcome to the Partner page! Here you will find resources to help support your students’ success in their VLACS courses.

Help Your Students Succeed at VLACS

If your school has a partnership with VLACS to provide supplemental course options for flexible, accelerated, remedial, or special-interest learning, we provide a range of support and resources to help you make sure your students succeed.

Our Course Providers

Student Information System

Access your students’ VLACS grades and progress through your partner account. Don’t have an account yet? Contact us.

Contact for Partners

For help accessing the Student Information System, or any other questions your might have, contact VLACS via email. We will get back to you within 48 hours.


VLACS hosts a variety of webinars for school partners and educators. From student enrollment and the Student Information System to hosting a cohort and more, you’ll find a wealth of information and tips for making VLACS work for your students.

Additional Resources

Help your students get the most out of their VLACS experience with these helpful resources:

Partner School Introduction to VLACS Letter

Use this letter as a template to communicate with your parents and guardians about the VLACS opportunities your school is offering.

VLACS Roles and Responsibilities

Make sure everyone is on the same page with this overview of the roles and responsibilities of parents and guardians, students, VLACS, and the student’s school.

Enroll Today

Help your students with the enrollment process with our chart that outlines the steps to enrolling in a VLACS course.

Enrollment to 28-Day Grace Period

Ensure your student’s success during the first 28 days in the course by sharing this information on expectations during this time period.

We’re Here to Help.

Have questions? Interested in more ways to partner with VLACS?

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