Current School Partners

If your school is partnered with VLACS to provide supplemental course options for flexible, accelerated, remedial, or special-interest learning, explore the range of support and resources below to ensure your students succeed.

Teacher with student

Webinars & Training

Connect with educators from across the state and explore ways your students can learn in addition to their education at your school.

How Competency Recovery Works at VLACS

Who it’s for: Administrators & counselors whose students would benefit from competency recovery opportunities.

What you’ll learn: How does competency recovery work at VLACS? Find out during this one-hour webinar for educators! Join us as we explore how you can use competency recovery through flexible online programming at VLACS. As a school open all year, we will discuss the benefits of working with us to help your students get back on track!

Weekly School Partner SIS & Student Enrollment Training

Who it’s for: K-12 administrators who will be monitoring their students in VLACS courses

What you’ll learn: Join us for a one-hour training about our student information system & student enrollment. In this session, we will show you how students create accounts and enroll in courses. We will also show you how you can access your partner account and all of the information that is available to you.

How to Connect Your Students to NH-Based Mentors

Who it’s for: Administrators & counselors interested in exploring learning opportunities for their students.

What you’ll learn: Want to help your students explore their interests and careers alongside a mentor? We’ve partnered with over 275 NH-based mentors that your students can also connect with through our career-based offerings. In this webinar, we will explore how these learning options can redefine a student’s education by providing career insight, skill-building experiences, and networking opportunities that transcend traditional learning experiences.

Related Resources

Earn Badges for Professional Development

Digital badges indicate your dedication to continuous learning, improvement, and professional development. You will earn a badge for attending our live webinars and training sessions tailored to various aspects of competency-based education.

After earning your badges, you can showcase them on your digital profiles, CV, and portfolio to showcase your expertise and professional development to peers, administrators, and future employers.  

Additional Resources

Partner Support in the Knowledge Base

The partnership section of our Knowledge Base features support articles for schools on navigating partner account tools, transcript information, and more.

VLACS Roles and Responsibilities

Make sure everyone is on the same page with this overview of the roles and responsibilities of parents and guardians, students, VLACS, and the student’s school.

Enrollment Instructions

Help your students with the enrollment process by using our step-by-step guide on enrolling in a VLACS course.

Enrollment to 28-Day Grace Period

Ensure your student’s success during the first 28 days in the course by sharing this information on expectations during this time period.

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