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Shape Your Students’ Futures with a School Partnership

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Do More for More Students

By partnering with VLACS, you can offer your students learning opportunities beyond the classroom. With the flexibility of our online program, your students can access diverse learning options that appeal to their broad range of interests from career-focused courses to hands-on experiences like internships and job shadows.

Our customized learning model is ideal for students who have fallen behind in one or more classes, who want to accelerate their education, or who need to balance their schedules with extracurricular passions and pursuits.

Benefits of Partnering with VLACS

Our school partners are able to provide opportunities for success for students who, for a variety of reasons, may not be thriving in a traditional classroom environment. 

Offer More Courses

Expand your course catalog with 400+ VLACS courses including dual credit and advanced placement options, over 160 project-based learning modules, and a variety of experiential learning opportunities, including many STEM and STEAM-based options.

Help Students Succeed in Competency-Based Learning Programs

Offer students the opportunity to master competencies with a wider range of learning options that best suit their needs, interests, and challenges.

Provide Learning Alternatives

Help more students succeed by allowing them to choose to master competencies through courses, projects, and experiences such as internships, service learning, independent study, and more.

Meet Individual Needs & Interests

Students engage with learning at their own pace, on a schedule that meets their unique needs and allows them to balance extracurricular passions, work schedules, and more.

Create Learning Cohorts

Sometimes learning together is better! Partners can form cohorts of students with similar interests, learning styles and/or paces, and provide structured support so they can complete coursework during their academic day.

Give Students New Ways to Catch Up and Recover Competencies

For students who need extra time and support to master competencies they missed the first time around, VLACS is the ideal option with self-paced learning and the chance to keep trying until it clicks — so failure isn’t an option.

What’s Included in an Academic Partnership with VLACS

Partnership Training Kickoff

We’ll get you started with a free, virtual training session. During this training session, our Partnership Team will create a VLACS account for you that offers unlimited access to your students’ grades and progress. They will walk you through your account and explain how our program works so you can support your students throughout their time in our courses.

Once this first step is completed, you’ll have access to everything listed below.

Full Support from VLACS

Our team of administrators, support staff, counselors, and technical helpdesk specialists are available to help ensure the success of your program.

Ongoing Program Training

Our flexible, online learning program training is scheduled as needed throughout the year to keep you up to speed.

Check out our page for educators to find upcoming webinars for schools.

Access to Student Progress

You’ll have full access to student accounts on our information system so that your team can stay current on student progress.

Free Facilitator Trainings

We’ll help you develop your internal capacity to support online learners through a cohort program or alternative learning lab.

Exclusive Newsletter and Support Resources

All academic partners receive an online newsletter that highlights new programming and services and offers tips and advice to support online learners, along with materials to support student success.

Counseling and Administrative Support

You’ll have access to our student support staff, administrative staff, and other support personnel to help design, implement, and run a successful alternative learning program through VLACS.

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Adult Education

VLACS adult education is available as a supplement to your current adult education programming. If you don’t have an adult education program in your school, we’d be happy to consult with you about how we can help.

Approvals & Accreditations

VLACS is an approved public charter school under the jurisdiction of the New Hampshire Board of Education, which sets standards and approves all public schools in the state. Our wide range of Advanced Placement (AP) courses are audited by the College Board on an annual basis, and the National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) approves certain courses for prospective student-athletes seeking initial NCAA eligibility.

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Have a VLACS question? Search our Knowledge Base for instant answers about our programs, courses, admissions, and more.

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