The Established, Respected Leader in Customized Learning

When learning is customized for each student’s strengths, challenges, interests, and talents, every student is empowered to succeed.

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A Unique Approach for Unique Students

Our approach to teaching and learning helps elementary, middle, high school, and adult learners worldwide to meet their educational goals on their own terms. As a 501(c)3 nonprofit, state-approved public charter school, our programs are free to all New Hampshire residents in grades K-12 and under the age of 21. All others pay out-of-state tuition. The success of our students is our only motivation.


For students looking for a more flexible, customized educational experience, VLACS offers the opportunity to learn at your own pace and in your own way. Whether you want to enroll in one or more courses to supplement your education at a traditional school, or you want to attend VLACS full-time, you’ll get a wealth of subjects to choose from, individualized instruction from experienced teachers, and a wide range of learning options that take you from the virtual classroom to the workplace and beyond.

Our Students

From Kindergarten to adult learning and everything in between, our students come to VLACS with a variety of needs, interests, and talents. Our unique customized learning model provides you with the opportunity to determine when, where, and how to learn based on your needs, interests, and talents.

Many of our students attend part-time to explore an area of interest not offered in their home district, or to allow themselves to learn at a pace that’s different from the traditional academic calendar. Others use VLACS to support homeschool learning. Some enroll full-time and earn their diploma through VLACS. Whatever your educational goals, VLACS is here to help you achieve them.

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Hear from Our Students

[My teacher] was so nice. She was always super interested in what I was doing. That’s why I love VLACS so much. I never feel like I’m wasting my time with my VLACS work. Everything is super helpful in my learning.

Elizabeth Kourbatski
Part-Time High School Student

For me, VLACS is the freedom to be my own person. Every one of the teachers, faculty, and staff I have interacted with during my time here have encouraged me to be nothing but the best and most authentic version of myself. I’ve truly never enjoyed education as much as I have with VLACS.

Brooke Harden
Full-Time High School Student

My experience with VLACS has been exceptional. I have been able to complete coursework at my own pace, and I can choose which courses interest me. My instructors encourage me to do my best, while providing support along the way.

Camper Dales
Full-Time High School Student

VLACS not only feels like a second chance at a diploma but as an additional support system… and some instructors feel like wonderful friends.

Kayla Nolin
Adult Education Diploma Student

Learning Opportunities

At VLACS, the world is your classroom. Our students choose when, where, and how they learn based on their needs, interests, and talents. With our customized learning model, you can take a traditional course at your own pace, design an independent project, or take advantage of the many opportunities for hands-on and non-traditional learning.

Courses are academically rigorous, and all VLACS students work one-on-one with experienced instructors who provide the support they need to succeed. With no pre-set timetable, you’ll be able to take things at your own pace and replace a “pass or fail” mindset with the flexibility to advance when you’re ready.


VLACS is a fully approved public charter school under the jurisdiction of the New Hampshire Board of Education, which sets standards and approves all public schools in the state. Our wide range of Advanced Placement (AP) courses are audited by the College Board on an annual basis, and the National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) approves certain courses for prospective student-athletes seeking initial NCAA eligibility.

Articles & Awards

We are proud to be recognized for excellence in education with awards and mentions in the media.

Selected Articles

Our History

Bringing customized learning to students through technology for 15 years.


VLACS Charter Established

The New Hampshire Board of Education approved the first charter application of the Virtual Learning Academy Charter School.


Opened to Students

The school accepted its first students, with approximately 700 enrollments.

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VLACS was recognized at the New England Conference on Gifted Education and Talent Development.


Commissioner’s Circle of Excellence Recipient

The Commissioner’s Circle of Excellence recognizes schools and districts that aspire to excellence by being innovative in service to children.


Charter Renewed

The New Hampshire Board of Education unanimously approved the charter renewal application and extended the school’s charter for an additional five years.


Curriculum Expansion Plan

The charter renewal included future plans to add a full-time middle school program, expanding the curriculum to include selected elementary school courses, and providing programming for adult learners.


VLACS awarded the NH Excellence in Education Special Recognition Award

This award is issued to New Hampshire schools and educators by the New Hampshire Excellence in Education Awards Board of Directors and applied by selection committees of experienced New Hampshire educators and community leaders.

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Growing and Thriving

VLACS is one of the largest statewide virtual schools in the United States.


Pandemic Response

In response to the Covid-19 pandemic, VLACS applied its years of experience in online education to provide students, parents, and educators support with their transition to remote learning. During this time, we served thousands of students, and expanded our program to the K-5 level.

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VLACS Equal Opportunity Fund

Please consider joining us in our initiative to provide financial support to students and adults who need assistance achieving their educational and career goals.

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