Part-Time High School

Flexible Online Learning for High School Students

Earn some credits or explore an area of interest in a unique virtual format that lets you learn both online and through career exploration, hands-on projects, mentoring, and more.

Self-Paced Learning That Fits Your Unique Goals, Strengths, and Interests

Our part-time high school program gives you the opportunity to unleash your full potential — on your own terms. Whether you want to learn at your own pace, explore a special interest, get hands-on experience, or customize your schedule to accommodate your extracurricular interests, your options at VLACs are nearly limitless.

  • Take courses your local school doesn’t offer, including AP courses
  • Pursue vocational interests through career-focused courses
  • Learn while traveling, working, or pursuing extracurricular passions
  • Learn outside the classroom setting

Supporting Your Full Learning Needs

Our virtual high school courses provide flexible options to suit different learning styles and paces. Our holistic approach gives all students the support they need to succeed.

Parents & Families

Parents are always encouraged to become involved in their student’s academic career at VLACS. You’ll have regular meetings with your student’s teachers, as well as receive regular communication and monthly progress reports. You can check on your student’s progress at any time through your VLACS parent account.

Support Team

Virtual school doesn’t mean going it alone. You’ll get an instructor for each class you enroll in. You also have access to an academic help desk, a technical help desk, and a team of VLACs professional staff.


Our certified, experienced teachers provide one-on-one instruction, support, and feedback on a regular basis.

Special Education Services

In many cases, our self-paced, competency-based learning model will meet your IEP requirements. If additional support is required, our staff works with your school district to create a positive learning experience. For New Hampshire residents, state law specifies that your resident district is responsible for ensuring compliance with IEPs, including financial responsibility.

Peer-to-Peer Socialization

Students socialize with fellow VLACS students during weekly group collaborations. During these engagements, students and instructors meet to complete group activities and explore themes. Examples include dance, meditation, nature, poetry, travel, and more.

Students have socialization opportunities through Career Connections webinars, job shadows, internships, and other real-world experiences.

Accelerated Learning

Looking for advanced courses? How about kick-starting your college degree? You can take AP courses or begin earning credits toward college while still in high school.

Father helping daughter studying using laptop at home

A fully-accredited public charter school

Enrollment and Tuition

There is no application process for part-time students, and enrollment is open on a rolling basis. As an accredited public charter school, our courses are free to New Hampshire residents. All others pay tuition based on their course load.

Hear From Students and Families Like You

[My teacher] was so nice. She was always super interested in what I was doing. That’s why I love VLACS so much. I never feel like I’m wasting my time with my VLACS work. Everything is super helpful in my learning.

Elizabeth Kourbatski
Part-Time High School Student

My experience with VLACS has been exceptional. I have been able to complete coursework at my own pace, and I can choose which courses interest me. My instructors encourage me to do my best, while providing support along the way.

Camper Dales
Full-Time High School Student

For me, VLACS is the freedom to be my own person. Every one of the teachers, faculty, and staff I have interacted with during my time here have encouraged me to be nothing but the best and most authentic version of myself. I’ve truly never enjoyed education as much as I have with VLACS.

Brooke Harden
Full-Time High School Student

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