VLACS Equal Opportunity Fund

We firmly believe that everyone deserves a fair chance to succeed, regardless of their background, but many talented and bright minds are unable to access quality education due to financial constraints. The VLACS Equal Opportunity Fund was established to assist full-time students and adult learners who need help to achieve their dreams. Donate today and help change a life!

Our Goals

To provide laptops and internet access to full-time VLACS students whose families do not have sufficient financial resources to purchase these technologies. 

To provide tuition assistance to adult learners who may face financial barriers to earning a high school diploma or enrolling in courses essential for college preparation or industry certifications.

To provide funding to full-time juniors and seniors to complete projects related to their post-secondary plans.

Student having fun while learning

Make a donation today to help students fulfill their potential.

Programs and Applications

If you are a K-12 or adult student living in New Hampshire and interested in applying for funding, view our current financial assistance programs and apply today.