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Make Our Virtual Elementary School Your Child’s Home for Learning

Get all the benefits of our flexible, engaging online learning platform by registering your K-5 student for our full-time program.

Welcome to Full-Time Elementary Education with VLACS

Your child can learn online year-round and get unlimited access to high-quality education by registering at VLACS full-time. Our rigorous, interactive curriculum makes learning fun and engaging, and our relationship-focused approach ensures that students have the resources and support to thrive academically.

  • Accelerate or modify your child’s pace
  • Adapt your child’s schedule to accommodate unstructured play, travel, and more
  • Get the benefits of homeschooling with the support of a charter school partnership
  • Receive one-on-one instruction from qualified, experienced teachers
Featured Courses

Take a Look at a Few of the Courses Available for Elementary Students

Science, Gr. 3

ELA, Kindergarten

Math, Gr. 5

Phys. Ed. Gr. 4

Spanish, Gr. 2

Art, Gr. 1

Social Studies, Gr. 3

Technology, Gr. 2

How It Works

When you apply for our full-time elementary school program, VLACS becomes your child’s official school of record. This means that VLACS determines when your student has met the competencies necessary to advance from grade to grade. You will receive transcripts and other official documentation of learning and attendance from VLACS, an approved New Hampshire public charter school.

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Step 1. Enroll

Before you apply, you will need to enroll your child in at least three VLACS courses.

Step 2. Apply

Complete a non-competitive application for your child to become a full-time student at VLACS.

Step 3. Work With VLACS

After your application is complete, VLACS will work with you to schedule an information session, collect necessary documents, and complete the full-time registration process.

Supporting Children’s Full Learning Needs

Our virtual elementary school courses provide flexible options to suit different learning styles and paces. Our holistic approach empowers families to be involved in their child’s education.


We know how important it is that your child has a successful learning experience. As a parent, you’ll be a partner in your child’s virtual education — not your child’s teacher. With VLACS you’ll have the opportunity to spend quality time with your child and become more involved in their education.


Our elementary school teachers are experienced educators certified by the New Hampshire Department of Education. Your child’s teachers will provide one-on-one support and feedback in weekly meetings. They are also available during office hours, by appointment, or via phone or email.

Special Education Services

In many cases, our self-paced, competency-based learning model meets students’ IEP requirements. If additional support is required, our staff works with the student’s school district to create a positive learning experience. For New Hampshire residents, state law specifies that a student’s resident district is responsible for ensuring compliance with IEPs, including financial responsibility.


At VLACS, virtual learning doesn’t mean sacrificing the teacher-student relationship. To ensure that instructors have the opportunity to nurture positive relationships, elementary students are assigned the same instructor for each core course. Teachers get to know their students and their learning styles, strengths, and interests so they can support their learning process. Your student will be assigned additional instructors for each elective course.

Peer-to-Peer Socialization

Students socialize with fellow VLACS students during weekly group collaborations. During these engagements, students and instructors meet to complete group activities and explore themes. Examples include storytime, science activities, art exercises, and more.

Enrichment Experiences

These optional offerings allow students to meet with an instructor and other elementary students on a weekly basis to engage in activities relating to an enrichment theme.

Career Connections

We offer live Career Connections sessions to our elementary students monthly. These sessions are hosted by industry professionals who present to students about their careers.


We source most of our course curricula from vetted course providers. For elementary school courses, most content comes from the Florida Virtual School, a well-regarded provider of rigorously maintained courses that meet national standards. Our learning model provides students with the opportunity to learn on- and off-screen through lessons and meaningful practice.


VLACS students are empowered to learn at their own speed, moving through coursework at a comfortable, engaging pace. As long as they are actively working on assignments and maintaining communication with their teachers they can take as much time as they need to master course material. We offer pace charts as a helpful tool for keeping on track and planning a daily work schedule.

Two children doing homework outside
Mother and daughter doing homework

Registration and Tuition

To register your student full-time, you will need to complete a non-competitive application designed to support your decision-making process. As an accredited public charter school, our full-time programs are free to New Hampshire residents. All others pay tuition based on their course load.

Hear From Families Like Yours

I felt like from the time the welcome call started, he wasn’t just a student, he was part of their family.

Brittany Young
Full-Time Elementary Parent

Studying at VLACS gave my child the opportunity to focus on several extracurricular activities, and unlock his potential in music and sports, all while leading an active social life.

Karine Bialy
Elementary Parent

Since I have pulled my son out of public school, he is 100% back to himself. Not only do I know what he is learning day by day, but we get to incorporate it into everyday life! It is so cool seeing him use what he has learned firsthand.

Amanda Quince
Elementary Parent

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