Teacher and student relationship

Students work one-on-one with their instructors throughout their time at VLACS. The value of that relationship is paramount for us. Meaningful relationships help form a powerful trust that helps students succeed. Students will have regular check ins with their teachers and constant access to their teacher outside of the scheduled engagements.

Academic Help Desk

If a student needs help and can not reach their teacher immediately, our Academic Help Desk is staffed by five certified teachers that are available over the course of 100 hours during the week, ensuring that someone will be there for you no matter what your schedule. These certified teachers are there to help students work through their immediate academic challenges in the event that the student’s teacher is not immediately available.

Technical Help Desk

Trouble with your computer? Having a hard time connecting to your coursework? Need to navigate the online platform for your studies? Our technical help desk is staffed by trained professionals who can solve your technology issues. A smooth online experience means you can focus on what matters: learning.

School Counseling Department

Our advisors can support questions about academic scheduling and placement, special education, personal development, and other topics related to a student’s experience with VLACS.

Call the Office

Our office is staffed during business hours to help students find their way through the many levels of support we offer.

You can reach us at 603-778-2500.