VLACS hospitality and tourism badges

What are badges?

A badge at VLACS is a type of micro-credential typically awarded by an educational institution. It is a digital pin that symbolizes a career-related accomplishment. Students can store and manage badges through a platform such as Badgr, Credly, or Mozilla Open Badges. Students have 24/7 access to share their earned badges on email signatures, social media, a resume, or a college application. Students collect badges that are related to their desired career pathway, representing mastery and preparedness for a specific goal, such as certification readiness or prerequisites earned.

What's inside a badge?

A badge is used by a student to show what they have accomplished related to a particular career. Unlike a traditional transcript, it shows what the student actually did to earn the credential, and where they stand in terms of mastery or preparedness for a specific career goal.

What is behind a badge?

Who uses badges?

This system of earning and displaying career-specific qualifications is widely recognized and used in a number of sectors, for example:

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Secondary Education

Badges are used in secondary schools to apply towards postsecondary education programs, employment, internships or apprenticeships, and certification eligibility.

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Higher Ed

Badges are used for higher education to apply towards graduate programs, employment, or certification eligibility.

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Business professionals earn badges after hosting a work-based learning program. Badges represent industry leadership and show a commitment to improving the future of the workforce through mentoring.

Why are they valuable?

While a traditional transcript shows the courses a student took and the grades they received, badges tell a more complete story. The data embedded in badges provide an in-depth scope of the specific knowledge and skills students acquired in their learning. Unlike a transcript, badges are career-specific, thus encouraging students to explore potential careers and verifying students’ career-specific abilities.

How can you start earning badges?

Ready to start earning your badges? Visit our learning catalog and look for offerings with a blue checkmark under "badges." You will be awarded a badge upon completion of any of these offerings. You can also visit our Badgr page to browse our badge catalog and career pathways!

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