Did you know that there is a simple and easy way to track, display, and promote your accomplishments that’s more informative than a transcript or resume?

What if you could earn high school or middle school credit while exploring career opportunities through a combination of coursework and real-world learning?

With VLACS digital badges, that’s all possible. By taking courses and gaining real-world experience, you have the opportunity to earn a digital badge, that verifies and celebrates your expertise, knowledge, and skills. But they’re more than just unlocked achievements.

Badges contain useful information about your skills and competencies for the ever-growing list of organizations that recognize them. After a badge has been earned and issued to you, you’re in control of displaying it wherever and whenever it's most useful to you. It’s like a digital trophy, but rather than putting it on a shelf, you decide who gets to see it. They can be easily shared with others across the web, and shown off to friends, family, prospective employers, or college admissions officers. Badges can be displayed in an email signature, digital resume, or on social media sites like LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook. And, because VLACS digital badges are based on the universally agreed-upon badging standard known as Open Badges 2.0, they’ll be compatible with current and future badging systems no matter where your learning journey takes you.

Every VLACS badge is associated with a career.  Badges are offered in many areas such as coding, nursing, entrepreneurship, music, culinary arts, marketing, robotics, and more.  You have the freedom to explore your horizons and earn badges for a variety of careers or focus on a single career path. And once you've earned a badge you’ll have the opportunity to engage in real-world learning with professionals that align with those competencies.

So, how do badges fit into your learning journey with VLACS?

You can:

  • explore many different career fields to help inform your thinking about what you'd like to do after high school
  • specialize in a career field and enter your chosen occupation after high school
  • focus on one career field to prepare for college or advanced training after high school
  • prepare to earn an industry-recognized career certification while in high school
  • expand your knowledge and skills just because it's exciting and fun. Your learning journey is yours to navigate.

Badges are an engaging way to track, display, and celebrate your interests, achievements, and skills. They help encourage career exploration and preparation for your future. Through every step of your learning journey, you’ll be unlocking achievements and progressing through your unique education storyline.

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