Choose Your Own Learning Adventure

At VLACS, you choose how you learn, from traditional coursework to real-life problem-solving, internships, and more.

Choose the Learning Style That Works for You

Whether you learn best through traditionally structured coursework, or something more experiential, you’ll find options that fit your strengths and interests.

About VLACS Coursework

VLACS coursework allows you to gain new knowledge through reading, watching videos, listening to podcasts, and completing assignments to demonstrate what you’ve learned — all at your own pace, with one-on-one support from your instructor.

About VLACS Projects

A VLACS project contains four to six pre-defined sets of real-world, career-focused problems. You’ll solve the problems through in-depth research and application, culminating in a finished product such as a report, video, or portfolio. Each problem in a project lets you master a specific competency through your product.

Young woman doing coursework on computer
A large breed black and brown dog lays down on an exam table while on a visit to the Veterinarian. He is facing the female Veterinarian of African decent as she pets him and attempts to make him feel comfortable before beginning the exam.

About VLACS Experiences

Experiences are our most customizable learning option. During an experience, you’ll explore various career fields and interests by interacting with professionals and other experts, practicing skills, and reflecting on what you’ve learned. You earn course credit by demonstrating that you’ve mastered one or more subject competencies through your experience.

About Badges

VLACS offers career learning opportunities for grades K-12. Students have fun exploring their interests and learning about different careers through information sessions, mentorship, internships, work experience, career-focused courses, and more.

Happy young African American male photographer holding a photographic camera and taking photos in the city

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