getting started

To enroll, follow this simple three-step process.

Create An

You must first create a student account before you choose your competencies. When you're ready, follow the link on this page and select Enroll > Student to fill out a new student account application.


Sign in to your student account and click Academic Info > Request a course. Filter your search to find the competencies you are interested in and select "+" to submit the request.


A Parent/Guardian will need to sign into their account to approve the student's course requests. You will receive a welcome email from an instructor within five days of being assigned to help you schedule your welcome call. Enrollment is official once that call is complete.

Please note that our systems require students and parents to have different email addresses.

Enrollment Instructions

If you are new to VLACS and do not have an account yet, click here.

If you would like to enroll in a new course and already have a Maestro SIS account, click here.

Interested in becoming a full-time student?

To sign up as a full-time middle school or high school student or to enroll in our early college program, follow this link that says "fill out the application" and complete the application. 

Contact Us

Have a question about the curriculum, tuition, or how VLACS can give you more freedom to pursue an education? Reach out to us, we can help.