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How Provides Instant Support for VLACS Students

Have you ever been stuck on an assignment when your instructor wasn’t available? Whether you’re …

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A Tale of Two Cultures: Sara Molina’s Journey from Vermont to Mexico

Ask this VLACS Spanish teacher what she loves, and the answer is clear. Sara Molina, VLACS …

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From Carpentry to Classroom: Inside the Life of Lindsey DeLorenzo

Over a decade ago, on a Friday afternoon, VLACS Assistant Director of HR and Adult Education …

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VLACS Instructor Juli Snaer

Navigating Life’s Choreography with Juli Snaer

A dance veteran, VLACS’s Juli Snaer is no stranger to choreography. Sequencing her days …

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VLACS instructor with family on ski slopes

Voices of VLACS: Adventures with Nancy Reeves

She dreams of RVing around the US, hanging out in Yellowstone for a bit, and finding places to play …

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VLACS instructor taking a photo with camera

Voices of VLACS: Never A Dull Moment With John Bartoszak

“I bought my motorcycle a ring.” So begins one of the best and wildest rides of a …

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VLACS instructor on golf course

Voices of VLACS: How Former Spy Sean Finan Landed at VLACS

Sean Finan was a spy for the US Army’s Defense Intelligence Agency, but that’s all he …

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VLACS Instructor Sitting On Her Jeep

Voices of VLACS: All You Need Is Jeep Love

G-R-O-W.  That’s what the metal planters spell over Tara Michelle’s fireplace, each …

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VLACS instructor poses with family

Voices of VLACS: Family Time With Kristin Jones

“Internet is down!” reads the 10:08 Slack message. Kristin Jones, VLACS’s  …

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