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VLACS Strategies for Preventing High School Dropouts

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In the United States, 1.2 million students drop out of high school every year. High school dropouts earn less income and have higher instances of committing crimes, which makes earning a diploma more important now than ever before.

As an online school, VLACS takes a strategic approach to limit the number of high school dropouts, which includes a faculty full of encouraging advisors, attentive instructors, and a remarkable student-centered learning program.

We have four main areas we prioritize to assure our students are motivated, inspired and heard:


At VLACS, our instructors and advisors work hard to establish a strong sense of community for our students. This is done by creating authentic relationships and encouraging communication in a one-on-one atmosphere so students feel comfortable talking to school personnel and feel that their voice is being heard.

But, for an online school, you might be wondering how this is possible. Even without actual offices, our staff maintains an open-door policy and encourages an active flow of conversation. Students are welcome to chat with their instructors or advisors at any time through online messaging, video chats, email, and frequent phone calls.

It’s the priority of our staff to focus on the goals of our students through encouragement, support, and mentorship. We believe that really connecting with students helps implement a plan for their future, which proves to them that they are supported on the path to achieving their goals. When students feel supported, they are more likely to be well on their way toward graduation.


Many students choose to leave school because of environmental limitations. Attending classes five days a week for eight hours a day can significantly cut down the time available for students to work, explore their hobbies, and focus on their passions.

VLACS takes away the typical structure of a brick-and-mortar school and replaces it with an open, go-at-your-own-pace system. This, coupled with the fact that everything can be completed online, provides students with the flexibility they need to focus on non-school-related activities. This balance is often just what a student needs to stay on track and receive their diploma.


Some students are unable to achieve comfort at their school, which can stimulate an urge to drop out. Peer influence is incredibly strong during the high school years, and many students find it difficult to handle the associated stress.

Illness can also be another roadblock since traditional brick-and-mortar settings require the student to attend school every day for a set amount of hours. This may prove challenging if the student needs to attend doctor appointments or prioritize their health needs.

VLACS’ entirely online program helps students overcome these issues. The beauty of a competency-based, online program is that students can work at their own pace, thus eliminating the traditional Monday through Friday, 7:30 am to 2:30 pm schedule. They’re also able to work in an environment where they feel comfortable, like at home, a coffee shop, the library, or even a quiet park.


VLACS understands that learning isn’t “one size fits all.” Everyone absorbs information differently, which is why we offer various pathways for students to achieve course credits. These pathways give students the opportunity to experience subject matters in real-world situations, like interning at a local government office or working at a veterinary hospital. Sometimes this subtle change of pace is exactly what a student needs to find motivation in their schoolwork and discover their passions.

As education and technology advance, we will continue to research and develop new pathways to help students earn school credits in alternative ways that are conducive to their learning style.

Want to learn more about the many benefits an online program like VLACS offers for future high school graduates? Attend an open house!





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