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VLACS Welcomes K-5 Students to Its Full-Time Program

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mother help kindergarten child with online school work

In 2007, we embarked on a mission to redefine education, offering a personalized, learner-centered program to middle and high school students. As the world evolved, so did the need for education solutions.

When the global pandemic brought unprecedented challenges to the forefront, we expanded our program in 2020 to include elementary education for grades K-5.

What began as a pilot program quickly evolved into a full-time educational opportunity, designed to meet the needs of younger learners.

Today, we have served thousands of elementary students who enrolled in our part-time and full-time programs to expand their learning options, get extra support in a subject, or receive more academic flexibility.

VLACS parent Teresa Chylinski is one of many families who enrolled in our elementary program as a result of the Covid-19 pandemic. While she initially leveraged our program for her elementary student as a short-term solution, the rigorous curriculum delivered long-term benefits and an option to blend his learning online and in-person.

Chylinski shared, “Enrolling my son in VLACS gave me the confidence to know he had covered the whole 4th-grade curriculum when the world seemed so crazy. It also gave him a “leg up” – he was not always happy when I asked him to do his VLACS work, but when he returned to school, it was easier for him and he was among the handful of top students in his class which increased his confidence in himself as well as his enthusiasm for school… He is already enrolled to begin the core 5th-grade subjects in the summer.”

Whether a student takes one class with us or enrolls full-time,  we can accommodate the needs of all learners by providing a personalized, relationship-focused experience.

From the very beginning of a student’s journey, our teachers and staff are there for families every step of the way as they transition to online learning. Students have an opportunity to form a genuine connection with their instructor, who provides one-on-one support and implements instruction for the core courses they are enrolled in (Math, Language Arts, Science, and Social Studies).

Elementary parent Wendy Plunkett explained that the program has worked so well for her daughter because her instructor adapted to her learning style to ensure that she excels. “I have seen that the teachers at VLACS are extraordinary. They teach well, know their subject content, and adjust their teaching style to fit the student,” she said.

In addition to the positive relationship with their instructor, students are also able to interact with other instructors and students by enrolling in any of our specials like our technology, art, and enrichment experience offerings. Every course delivers an immersive experience, with opportunities to learn through digital and printed materials, participate in weekly group activities, and engage in other exercises appropriate for each grade level.

“I very much appreciate the flexibility VLACS gives my children so that they can learn when, where, and how they want to. If it looks like a rainy weekend and mid-week is gorgeous, we can go to the beach/ski slopes and they can work during the rainy weekend instead. If they want to spend a few days at their grandparent’s house or we want to travel, they just bring their computers with them,” shared Chylinski.

With the addition of our elementary program, we now offer part-time and full-time options for grades K-12 as well as adult education.

Students can embark on their journey with VLACS as their official school of record, or complementary of their brick-and-mortar school, to tailor their learning around their needs and interests. They can design their own hands-on experience, explore careers, connect with industry professionals, earn dual credits, and collect badges. As students grow, they have unlimited access to these opportunities any time throughout the year, from the comfort of their homes.

If VLACS seems like a good fit for your child, make your next move and find out more about our programs at an open house webinar. Our friendly staff will walk you through the enrollment process, learning structure, and protocols so that you can enroll with confidence that your child will thrive and succeed with our program.

Your VLACS memories are waiting to be made, but first, you have to apply! Our application for full-time enrollment in our elementary program can be found here.