Due to an unprecedented increase in enrollment requests, we are closing enrollment for all waitlisted courses. When our capacity increases to the point where we can eliminate a waitlist in a particular course, it will be re-opened.

Frequently asked questions:

Q: Are all courses closed?
A: Only those with significant waitlists are closed. See the course listings below to see which courses are open.

Q: How long will course registrations be closed?
A: It's hard to forecast. Some course waitlists may be quickly eliminated, and the courses reopened while others may take weeks to resolve, especially at the elementary level. When our capacity increases and waitlists are eliminated for a particular course, it will be reopened.

Q: If a student is currently on a waitlist, will they be activated at some point?
A: Yes. We're working on a way to provide approximate activation dates to students.

Q: Are you still accepting applications to become a full-time student at VLACS?
A: Yes, at the middle and high school levels.

Q: Are you hiring new instructors to expand your capacity?
A: Yes, we have hired 60 new instructors since July 1, and we are now advertising for another group of elementary, middle, and high school instructors.

We appreciate your patience and apologize for any inconvenience that closing enrollment in some courses may cause.  Please stay safe.  Thank you.