Adult Ed

Adult Education U.S. Citizenship and Naturalization

.25 Credits
9 Weeks
US flag and citizenship and immigration paperwork

Welcome to our U.S. Citizenship and Naturalization offering. The state has approved this course as a means for NH students to meet the requirement of passing the 2020 United States Citizen and Immigration Services naturalization examination prior to graduation.

This course provides lessons on the content you must master, practice material to prepare, and the required assessments to meet the state requirement. Once you pass each assessment with a 70% or higher, you will have met the state requirement.

If you are not a full-time VLACS student, please check with your school to make sure they will accept the credit for meeting this requirement at your school.

Major Topics and Concepts

Module 1: American Government

Module 2: American History

Module 3: Symbols and Holidays


American Government

Students will demonstrate an understanding of the American government by identifying the principles of the United States government, explaining the system of the United States government, and describing rights and responsibilities in America.

American History

Students will demonstrate an understanding of American history by explaining the colonial period and independence, describing the 1800s, and identifying recent American historical information and events.

Symbols and Holidays

Students will demonstrate an understanding of symbols and holidays by explaining United States symbols and identifying holidays.