Adult Ed

Adult Education U.S. History Projects

1.0 Credit
36 weeks
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Projects allow students to demonstrate competence and understanding of concepts and skills by completing a career-related task. For example, the assignment might be to create a mural, a package design, a speech, a film review, or a movie set – you name it! These creative projects are about applying your learning acquired through in-depth research to real-world career tasks.

Each competency will be addressed through a project based on a real-life career task. Here are the careers you will explore: Podcaster, Photo Curator, Military Historian, Set Designer, Conflict and Stability Operations Specialist, Political Scientist, Speechwriter, Script Writer, and Historic Preservation Specialist.



Ancient Empires

Students will demonstrate an understanding of ancient empires by describing early African nations, comparing Mesoamerican and Andean civilizations, and analyzing the impact of ancient Mesoamerican and Andean leaders.

Development of Monotheistic Religions

Students will demonstrate an understanding of the development of the monotheistic religions by comparing the ideals of the monotheistic religions, summarizing the expansion of the Islamic Empires, and summarizing contributions of the Byzantine Empire before its decline.

Medieval Europe and Japan

Students will demonstrate an understanding of medieval Europe and Japan by summarizing medieval social hierarchy in Europe, describing intellectual and artistic achievements of the Middle Ages, and comparing Japanese feudalism with Western European feudalism during the Middle Ages.

Postmedieval Ideas

Students will demonstrate an understanding of postmedieval ideas by describing the effects of the plague, analyzing the cultural impact of the Renaissance, and summarizing the effects of the Age of Exploration.


Students will demonstrate an understanding of globalism by describing the aftereffects of WWII, explaining the fighting of proxy wars, and analyzing the pros and cons of a globalization.

Industrialization and Imperialism

Students will demonstrate an understanding of industrialization and imperialism by explaining the impact of the Industrial Revolution on society, summarizing resulting economic ideologies, explaining imperialism, and analyzing reform movements.

Influence of the Enlightenment

Students will demonstrate an understanding of the influence of the Enlightenment by summarizing the effects of settled nations, describing the Scientific Revolution, and analyzing the Enlightenment’s influence on the French Revolution.

The World Wars

Students will demonstrate an understanding of the world wars by explaining the events leading to WWI, describing the causes of the world wars, analyzing the ending of WWII, and explaining the crime of genocide.