Adult Ed

Adult Education English 1

1.0 Credit
36 weeks
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In each unit of this course, you will embark on a new journey. Through the study of literature, nonfiction, and life, you will explore the unknown, search for identity and equality, and seek achievement, opportunity, and understanding. You will read to analyze the way language is used to express human motivation and will research to examine the results of actions in the real world. The lessons in each unit will give you the tools you need to gain insights from what you read and to use your knowledge in creative and analytical writing.

Major Topics and Concepts

Segment 1:

Module 01 Reading and Writing Narratives

  • 01.00 Reading and Writing Narratives
  • 01.01 Choosing Your Story
  • 01.02 Discovering Characters
  • 01.03 Identity Shaped by Conflict
  • 01.04 Plot and Structure
  • 01.05 Discovering the Theme
  • 01.06 Writing a Narrative
  • 01.07 Reading and Writing Narratives Discussion-Based Assessment
  • 01.08 Author’s Word Choice
  • 01.09 Publishing Your Narrative

Module 02 Analyzing Language and Structure

  • 02.00 Analyzing Language and Structure
  • 02.01 The Power of Words
  • 02.02 Language in King’s Letter
  • 02.03 Structure in King’s Letter
  • 02.04 Respond to a Writing Prompt
  • 02.05 Analyzing Language and Structure Discussion-Based Assessment
  • 02.06 Organize and Develop Your Ideas
  • 02.07 Segment One Exam

Segment 2:

Module 03 Crafting a Winning Argument

  • 03.00 Crafting a Winning Argument
  • 03.01 What is an Argument?
  • 03.02 Elements of a Strong Argument
  • 03.03 Analyzing an Argument
  • 03.04 Gathering Evidence
  • 03.05 Writing the Opening
  • 03.06 Outlining Your Argument
  • 03.07 Writing Your Argument
  • 03.08 A Powerful Presentation
  • 03.09 Crafting a Winning Argument Discussion-Based Assessment

Module 04 Exploring the Elements of Style

  • 04.00 Exploring the Elements of Style
  • 04.01 Essay Analysis
  • 04.02 Diction and Tone
  • 04.03 Poetry Paraphrase
  • 04.04 Diction Deep Dive
  • 04.05 An Effective Introduction
  • 04.06 Plan the Body
  • 04.07 Write the Body and Conclusion
  • 04.08 Exploring the Elements of Style Discussion-Based Assessment
  • 04.09 Revise and Edit
  • 04.10 Grammar Review
  • 04.11 Segment Two Exam



Language and Structure in Writing

Students will demonstrate an understanding of language and structure in writing by describing the literary devices used in a piece of writing, describing the structure of a piece of writing, and creating a piece using literary devices and structure.

Narrative Writing

Students will demonstrate an understanding of narrative writing by analyzing a narrative and creating a story using narrative elements and devices.

Crafting an Argument

Students will demonstrate an understanding of crafting an argument by conducting research through source evaluation and documentation, formulating rhetorical appeals appropriate to audience and purpose, and delivering a presentation.

Literary Analysis

Students will demonstrate an understanding of explanatory writing techniques such as developing thesis statements, organizing content, and writing cohesive conclusions by writing an original piece that incorporates these techniques.