Adult Ed

Adult Education Exploring Career Options

0.5 Credits
18 weeks
tow people bumping hands in front of the word career with a target

Exploring Career Options is a dynamic six-module course designed to help you navigate the intricate world of professional possibilities and discover the career path that aligns with your interests. In this course, we will explore various techniques and tools essential for discovering career options based on your interests.

Major Topics and Concepts

Modules 1 and 2: Finding your Interests and Exploration of Careers

Module 3: Professional Profile

Modules 4 and 5: Informational Interviews and Job Shadows

Module 6: Professional Profile Maintenance


Exploration of Careers

Students will demonstrate an understanding of career exploration by summarizing requirements needed for selected careers, comparing careers based on interest, and explaining continued interest in careers.

Informational Interviews

Students will demonstrate an understanding of informational interviews by describing informational interview elements, summarizing the process of conducting an informational review, and participating in an informational interview.

Interest and career alignment

Students will demonstrate an understanding of interest and career alignment by evaluating career interest inventories, summarizing careers that match interests, and explaining reasons for possible career matches.

Job Shadowing

Students will demonstrate an understanding of job shadowing by describing job shadowing elements, summarizing the job shadow processes, and participating in a job shadow.

Professional Profile Maintenance

Students will demonstrate an understanding of maintaining a professional profile by describing the purpose of updates to a professional profile and formulating edits to a resume, cover letter, and online professional profile.

Purpose of Professional Profiles

Students will demonstrate an understanding of the purpose of professional profiles by creating a professional profile, formulating a resume, and creating a cover letter.