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How Provides Instant Support for VLACS Students

Have you ever been stuck on an assignment when your instructor wasn’t available? Whether you’re …

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students studying cell drawing in front of whiteboard

What are Executive Skills and Why Do I Need Them?

Essay’s due tomorrow, but there’s soccer practice tonight. If I miss practice, I won’t be …

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Student having a welcome call with her instructor

Relationships Matter: Welcome Calls

“Hello! So glad you found the Zoom link for our welcome call! Welcome to VLACS! Is that your …

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online student learning through courses

Flexible Learning Pathways: Courses

In a customized learning model, students and members of their learning communities benefit from a …

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teacher working with student to reach competency

What’s A Competency?

When you think of someone as “competent” in something, you think of them as having the …

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online student reaching into backpack

Welcome Back To School! What’s In Your Virtual Backpack?

Welcome back to school! Welcome back to 180ish days of packing school lunches, managing homework …

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excellent life skills prepares woman to nail job interview

Four Life Skills That Customized Learning Teaches Students

Life skills are those that allow us not just to function in everyday life, but to make positive, …

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students customizing their learning around their interest for the arts

Six Things to Know About Customized Learning

Maybe you’ve heard some buzz out there.  Student-centered learning. Personalized Learning. …

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happy online learner

How Students with an IEP Can Succeed in Online, Competency-Based Programs

For students with an Individualized Education Plan (IEP), finding the right type of learning …

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