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Top 7 Benefits of Choosing an Online Virtual High School

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A student who chooses to attend an online virtual high school will undoubtedly have to  embrace a different style of learning than the type commonly found in a traditional public school setting. Unlike the expectation of sitting in the classroom while learning, students attending virtual high schools must adapt to various changes in the way they receive their education-whether it be how or when they choose to learn.

Online Virtual High School May Mean a New Routine, But It Just May Be a Better One Too!

But making the shift to a virtual online high school shouldn’t seem at all daunting. In fact, most students enrolled in virtual high schools today would argue that online learning has opened up a whole new world of opportunities that would not be possible if they were working within a traditional classroom setting.

Here are the top 7 benefits of electing to learn with a virtual online high school:

1. Fewer Obstacles to Learning

A student enrolled in a virtual online high school, either part-time or full-time, has fewer obstacles to hurdle when trying to get an education. For instance, a student who is enrolled full time no longer must rely on a school bus or deal with those pesky snow days that come along with attending public school.

2. No “School Year”

A traditional public school calendar runs from September to early June. Mixed within these many months of learning are school vacations, holidays, teacher workshops, and early release days. A student who chooses to attend a virtual high school no longer has to adhere to this type of learning schedule and can instead create a calendar that works for them and their families.

3. Open Enrollment 

The typical rush to enroll or choose classes prior to the start of the school year is nonexistent with an online virtual high school. Students can enroll whenever and wherever with the simple click of a mouse.

4. Create Your Pace

A student that is expected to learn within someone else’s expectations may have a harder time comprehending their course work and therefore may find it challenging to keep up. Or, on the opposite end of the spectrum, a student may find themselves being held back if their learning rate is faster than the pace of a traditional high school class. To combat either case, a student enrolled in an online virtual high school can learn at his or her own pace, and thereby gain a solid understanding of the subject.

5. Standards Stay the Same

A virtual high school experience revolves around a set of standards and competencies that are held constant, rather than the unpredictability found within a public school setting. In order to earn credit from an online high school, a student will be required to master these various standards and course competencies.

6. Learn WHEN You Want

Learning between the hours of 7 a.m. and 3 p.m. is not easy for everyone-especially a student who is working to save money for college or trying to raise a family. A virtual online high school allows a student to learn when they want and where they want, no matter if it’s after midnight, on a beach, or in an entirely different time zone.

 7. Learn WHAT You Want

A student at a traditional high school typically must choose courses within the confines of a course booklet-meaning they are limited in what they can learn. Additionally, sometimes these courses fill up quickly, leaving some students to search elsewhere. A virtual online high school enables a student to tackle a wide range of coursework that may not be offered in a public school setting.

These are just a few of the reasons students all over the country are taking online virtual high school courses to graduate or keep up with their studies. Learning online creates a certain flexibility not found within traditional public schools.

At The Virtual Learning Charter School, we know online education and how to deliver the best online virtual high school experience for every student. Attend an open house webinar today to learn how to embrace our virtual learning opportunities.