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The Elementary School Program at VLACS offers a personalized learning approach tailored to elementary school students and their academic needs. Every student is unique and should have the opportunity to learn anywhere, any time, and at a pace that works best for their individual learning needs. Our experienced teachers are certified in elementary education and are committed to forming positive relationships with students and guardians. They work closely with families to establish these connections that provide the foundation for success in education.


Please note:

  • We do not offer a full-time program for elementary students at this time.
  • Children who are 5 years of age on or before October 1, 2020 are eligible to enroll in kindergarten classes.
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A Competency-Based Model

VLACS uses a competency-based approach to learning. Competencies are the big ideas, skills, and knowledge that students are expected to master before moving on in their course. For example, Grade 4 Language Arts students are expected to understand context clues by using them to make inferences, describe story elements, and learn the meaning of words or phrases.

Students learn at different speeds and many will benefit from having more time to master a concept. Others may like to accelerate their learning to learn at a quicker pace. The same student that struggles with one competency may find that the next competency is easier for them to master, and thus progress more quickly. Students can take as much time as they need to learn because, at our school, success is the only goal.

Academic support is carried out through our certified and experienced instructors who will provide one-on-one instruction and feedback to students on a regular basis. Parents and guardians are a critical part of a child's academic career at VLACS. In addition to virtual meetings, they will receive communications and progress reports from their student's instructors on a monthly basis. Parents and guardians can check on a student's progress anytime through their "parent / guardian account" at VLACS.


Discussion-Based Assessments

To ensure that students have mastered the material in each competency, they will complete a Discussion-Based Assessment with their instructor. This is a verbal assessment where the instructor reviews the learning covered in each module with the student.



Instructors from the Elementary School Program have experience teaching in an online setting and are certified by the New Hampshire Department of Education to teach at the elementary level.

Students enrolled in more than one core course (math, language arts, science, and social studies) will be assigned the same instructor, just as they would at a traditional school. Students are assigned additional instructors only if they are enrolled in specialized courses such as Spanish or art.


Help Desk

When students need immediate support, our Academic Help Desk is available to them. Students can access the Academic Help Desk to find answers to questions related to their course if their instructor is not available at that time. To locate the Academic Help Desk, students can visit their course page, select the "Need Help?" button and answer the prompted questions.

Our Technical Help Desk staff are available to help solve problems with any VLACS technology.


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Instructors from the Elementary Education Program have experience teaching in an online setting and are certified by the New Hampshire Department of Education to teach at the elementary level. 


Science, Gr. 3
ELA, Kindergarten
Math, Gr. 5
Phys. Ed. Gr. 4
Spanish, Gr. 2
Art, Gr. 1
Social Studies, Gr. 3
Technology, Gr. 2

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