Every student is unique and should have the option to learn anywhere, anytime, and at a pace that works best for their individual learning needs. That's why we developed an elementary school program that offers a personalized learning experience tailored to K-5 students.

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Diverse learning options

Students can choose from any of our robust and self-paced courses, like our technology, art, or Spanish offerings. They'll have an opportunity to explore their interests and learn about exciting topics.


One-on-one support from real teachers

Paving the way for a successful learning journey are our certified and experienced instructors who provide one-on-one instruction and feedback to students on a regular basis. They have experience teaching in an online setting and are certified by the New Hampshire Department of Education to teach at the elementary level.

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A flexible, student-centered learning model

Our competency-based approach empowers students to personalize their education in a way that best meets their learning needs and style. Our program is designed to be flexible so that every student can succeed on their terms.

Preview our courses:

Science, Gr. 3
ELA, Kindergarten
Math, Gr. 5
Phys. Ed. Gr. 4
Spanish, Gr. 2
Art, Gr. 1
Social Studies, Gr. 3
Technology, Gr. 2

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