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Elementary education at VLACS delivers a learning experience that meets the developmental needs of young learners. The flexibility of our online platform paired with our interactive, hands-on curriculum is the perfect blend to make learning effective, engaging, and fun! We provide the tools and resources to ensure that students grow, excel, and succeed.

We provide curriculum for families looking to: 

Home educate their child

Accelerate or modify their child's pace

Take courses that are not offered to them locally

Learn outside of the classroom setting


We know how important it is for parents that their child has a successful learning experience. The parents' role is not to be their child’s teacher, but rather our partner. We’re here for families every step of the way. 

Our program offers a rewarding experience for both students and parents. Parents have the chance to spend quality time with their child and become more involved in their education. This could be the opportunity of a lifetime.


VLACS elementary instructors are experienced educators certified by the New Hampshire Department of Education. Their job is to provide one-on-one support and offer consistent feedback to students. They’ll meet with their students weekly to catch up, answer questions, and provide support. They are available during office hours, by appointment, and just a phone call or email away. 


Relationships matter. To ensure that instructors have the opportunity to nurture positive relationships, elementary students are assigned the same instructor for each core course they take. The instructor has the chance to get to know the student, their learning techniques, and strengths so that they know how to support their learning process best. Students are assigned additional instructors for each elective course they take. 


We purchase most of our course curriculum from vetted course providers. Our primary provider of elementary course content is Florida Virtual School. The Florida Virtual School has rigorously maintained content that meets national standards.   

Our learning model provides students with the opportunity to learn on and off-screen. Depending on the course and grade level, students will learn through lessons and practice their course material in meaningful ways.  

“Practice” could look like tracing the letters of the alphabet, using a number line constructed from a clothesline, or playing with dice. For younger children, it looks like play. For older elementary-aged children, it feels a bit more like studying. It’s reading it a few times, sure. But then it’s students explaining what they learned to someone at home, or doing a quick internet search project to learn more about something, or applying what they’ve learned in a meaningful way.”

Read more examples of learning exercises in our blog post.


We take a flexible approach to learning, eliminating the barrier of time that occurs in the traditional classroom setting. We want students to feel empowered to learn at their own speed so that they move on in their course at a comfortable pace and engage with their learning. As long as they are working on assignments and maintaining communication with their instructor, they can take as much time as they need to master their material.

VLACS offers all students pace charts to help keep them on track in their courses. The pace chart details the lessons and assignments students should complete weekly, based on the pace determined between the family and the instructor at the beginning of the course. These charts are also a helpful tool for planning a daily work schedule.    

How much time will students spend on their courses? A VLACS elementary instructor describes a typical learning schedule that works best for families in our blog post



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ELA, Kindergarten
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Spanish, Gr. 2
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