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students learning outside in the summer

10 Ideas To Make It Your Most Eventful and Productive Summer Yet!

Another school year is in the books! Before your student signs off for a summer of poolside fun, …

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VLACS instructor taking a photo with camera

Voices of VLACS: Never A Dull Moment With John Bartoszak

“I bought my motorcycle a ring.” So begins one of the best and wildest rides of a …

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VLACS instructor poses with kitten in South America

VLACS Profesora de Aventuras: Les Presento a Sara Molina!

Profesora de Aventuras: Les Presento a Sara Molina! Ask this VLACS Spanish teacher what she loves …

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VLACS instructor on golf course

Voices of VLACS: How Former Spy Sean Finan Landed at VLACS

Sean Finan was a spy for the US Army’s Defense Intelligence Agency, but that’s all he …

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VLACS Instructor Sitting On Her Jeep

Voices of VLACS: All You Need Is Jeep Love

G-R-O-W.  That’s what the metal planters spell over Tara Michelle’s fireplace, each …

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VLACS instructor poses with family

Voices of VLACS: Family Time With Kristin Jones

“Internet is down!” reads the 10:08 Slack message. Kristin Jones, VLACS’s  …

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Student doing a job shadow in technology

Everything You Need to Know About Job Shadows

What are your plans after graduation? If you are a high school student, this question is familiar. …

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High School male pondering his future options

6 Careers That Don’t Require A Four-Year Degree

You’ve chosen your dream job, and now it’s time to get that college degree, right? Not …

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Student at apprenticeship getting career experience

5 Things You Should Know About Work-Based Learning

Have you found yourself in school asking, “when am I going to use this in my life?” For …

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Happy female students surrounded by accomplishments

Unlock New Achievements and Start Earning Digital Badges at VLACS

  Imagine a way to track, display, and promote your career exploration accomplishments in high …

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female student meditates while in library studying

How to Build Your Emotional Intelligence

What does it mean to be emotionally intelligent and why is it important? People with high emotional …

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VLACS Director poses with work-based learning champion award

Scott Prescott Received NH Scholars Champion Award

Scott Prescott, Virtual Learning Academy’s Director of Instruction, is one of eleven local …

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male sitting at cafe on laptop computer

What is Digital Literacy?

Your teacher assigned a research paper on the effects of air pollution. To complete the assignment, …

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