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There is no pre-set timetable for a student enrolled in our competency-based program. Students take the time needed to understand and master the course material. Students are held to a high standard and are expected to meet the same goals. Failure is not an option. For students in a competency-based school, failure is replaced with “not ready yet” and students know that teachers are available to help them succeed.

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How will you experience VLACS?

Learning is customized at all levels. As grades advance, opportunities for customized learning increase.

Elementary School / K-5
Middle School
High School
Adult Education
Elementary School / K-5

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The Elementary Program at VLACS offers a personalized learning approach tailored to elementary school students and their academic needs. Every student is unique and should have the opportunity to learn anywhere, any time, and at a pace that works best for their individual learning. Instructors from the Elementary School Program have experience teaching in an online setting and are certified by the New Hampshire Department of Education to teach at the elementary level. They work closely with families to establish these connections that provide the foundation for success in education.

Students enrolled in more than one core course (math, language arts, science, and social studies) will be assigned the same instructor, just as they would at a traditional school. Students are assigned additional instructors only if they are enrolled in specialized courses such as Spanish or art.

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Middle School

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During the 6th, 7th, and 8th grade, students are required to complete English, math, social studies, science, physical education, advisory, and an elective course. We recommend that every middle school student complete at least one high school course. Students who meet the prerequisites for high school learning journeys and competency groups (courses, projects, etc.) are welcome to enroll as part of their middle school experience.

VLACS is a competency-based school. For example, English language arts students at this level are expected to demonstrate the ability to write persuasively and support claims and reasoning with sufficient evidence for intended purpose and audience.

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High School

Students in the high school program can earn their diploma, earn some credits toward their diploma, or explore an interest that may not be available in a local school or district. Our flexible learning journeys include courses, projects, experiences, teams, internships and college level courses. By mixing these learning journeys, students create their own unique learning playlists.

VLACS is a competency-based school. For example, high school US Government students are expected to demonstrate an understanding of the rights and responsibilities of citizenship by investigating the political processes and citizen involvement in local, state and national governments.

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Adult Education

Our affordable, accessible, high quality adult learning options offer returning learners the opportunity to finish high school, prepare for college or work, and explore new interests or skills. There are many options for adult learners to earn their degree virtually, but VLACS is the only online program offering direct instructor access throughout the learning journey to truly personalize the experience. Adult learners can earn their high school diploma, prepare for college, explore or discover a career option, prepare for a job, enrich their learning, or participate in professional development.

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