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At VLACS, you can customize your education to design your own unique learning playlist. With our flexible learning model, you can create a schedule that accommodates your classroom schedule and extracurricular activities so you never have to miss out.

Our part-time high school program allows you to pursue opportunities that will prepare them for life after graduation. Through hands-on experiences and career-focused offerings, you can gain the knowledge and skills to take on the world ahead of you all while learning at a comfortable speed. We provide limitless options, like:

  • Earning extra credit while remaining enrolled in your local school
  • Taking college-level courses that count toward graduation
  • Taking courses that aren't offered locally
  • Learning outside the classroom setting and in the real world

High School Support

Every VLACS high school student has a team of professionals who do their best to ensure that they have the best possible learning experience.


Certified and experienced instructors provide one-to-one instructional support and feedback to students regularly.

Parents are always encouraged to become involved in their child’s academic careers at VLACS. In addition to virtual meetings, parents receive monthly communications and progress reports from their student’s instructors. Parents and guardians can check on their student’s progress anytime through their parent account at VLACS.

Help Desk

Students can access the Academic Help Desk to get answers to questions related to their courses if their instructor is not available. To locate the Academic Help Desk, visit your course page, select the "Need Help?" button and answer the prompted questions.

Additionally, our Technical Help Desk staff are available to help solve problems with any VLACS technology. If students or parents have other questions that they need to be answered, our office staff is available Monday through Friday to help.


Badges symbolize a student’s competency in a skill, qualification, or interest. At VLACS, students earn digital badges by completing eligible competencies and experiences. These badges make it possible for students to explore career-related interests, accelerating their readiness for college and career. Learn more about badges here.

Special Education Services

At VLACS, students work at a pace that meets their needs and have the opportunity to redo assignments, tests, and projects as they work toward mastery of competencies. In many cases, our learning model meets the requirements prescribed in IEPs. As per the IEP, our staff works with the student’s school district to create a positive learning experience when additional support is required. As per New Hampshire law, a student’s resident district shall have the responsibility, including financial responsibility, to ensure the provision of special education and related services in the child’s IEP. New Hampshire law does not apply to out-of-state students.

Accelerated Learning

Every student can excel at VLACS. Students who want to accelerate their learning by progressing at a quicker pace are welcome at VLACS. Looking for advanced courses? Students who have met the prerequisites for high school courses can begin earning credits toward graduation while in middle school.

High School FAQs

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