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The VLACS approach to online education caters to all types of students of all types of learning abilities. Our course catalog consists of a wide array of middle and high school courses in a variety of subjects and concentrations — all of which are available for full-time and part-time students.

How It Works

Typical overview of a .5 credit course. Time is variable based on a student’s needs.


1. Enroll

Anytime enrollment allows you to start a course when it fits within your schedule.

2. Welcome Call

Before getting started in your course, you will need to schedule a welcome call with your instructor. Our focus on relationships allows instructors to build strong working relationships with each student.

3. Lessons & activities leading to competency 1

You will learn using an array of engaging formats including video, audio, interactive activities, and text.

4. Lessons & activities leading to competency 2

*Could jump out of course and meet competency 2 through a project. Same supports available.

5. Lessons & activities leading to competency 3

*Could jump out of course and meet competency 3 through an experience. Same supports available.

6. Lessons & activities leading to competency 4

A competency-based approach combined with flexible pacing allows you to move at a pace that ensures you master key concepts before moving to new learning.

7. Proctored Final Exam

8. .5 Credit Earned

1-on-1 instructor support as needed

Monthly video/audio check-in with parents, student and instructor

Monthly progress report to parents and students plus 24/7 access to student information system

Comprehensive Catalog



Comprehensive Catalog
We offer over 190 middle and high school courses in our learning catalog, with more being added each year, as well as over 30 early college courses.

Diverse Offerings
Our offerings include traditional courses and creative classes, allowing students to explore topics such as algebra, photography, theater or veterinary science.

Most of our digital course content is licensed from well-known and respected courseware providers such as Florida Global, eDynamics Learning and Carone Fitness. Where applicable, our courses are aligned to the Common Core State Standards and/or national curriculum standards. In cases where we are not able to license digital content, we have worked with certified and experienced educators to create our content.

Diverse Offerings

Time for Mastery

Time for Mastery
All courses are competency-based. These competencies can be demonstrated either by taking an entire course or part of a course.  Competency-based courses allow students to develop skills and knowledge at a pace that meets their needs, giving them time to master each competency within a given course

Access to Support
Students have access to instructors for one-on-one check-ins, or as needed by email, voice, video or chat, and students also have access to help through the VLACS Academic Help Desk and technical helpdesk. Parents, students and instructors meet via video or audio call on a monthly basis to discuss progress.

Access to Support

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Can I work at my own pace?

Students may opt to work at an accelerated, traditional or extended pace, however, regular work submission and communication is required in all VLACS courses in accordance with the student’s pace chart.

How do I select an honors course?

If you choose to meet competencies through projects, teams, experiences or a combination of these and course work, you will not have the option to earn honors or advanced designation. However, learning through projects, teams or experiences provide students with the opportunity for more authentic, student driven, and in depth learning.

Do I have to wait for school to begin to take an online class?

VLACS has on-going registration. You may enroll in at any time throughout the year.  Please check our learning catalog to see if there are waiting lists for the course, project, experience or team project that  in which you are interested.

How does a student apply to VLACS?

If you would like to apply to be a full-time VLACS student, please review the information on our full-time students admissions page. If you would like additional information you are welcome to attend one of our open house sessions or to contact our office by email (info@vlacs.org) or phone (603-778-2500).

If you would like to be a part-time VLACS student, there is no application process. You can enroll today. See our Enrollment page to learn more.


What kind of courses can I take online?

VLACS offers more than 100 courses including basic middle school and high school courses. There are many subjects available that may not be offered in your school. The Academy offers Competency Recovery for a student needing to just complete a few fundamentals in a course. Additionally, there are many Advanced Placement (AP) courses. Virtual Learning Academy also offers dual-credit courses that offer high school and college credit simultaneously. A complete list of courses, along with course descriptions, can be accessed at http://catalog.vlacs.org.

Do New Hampshire students pay to attend VLACS?

High school and middle school students who reside in New Hampshire are eligible to apply and attend VLACS free of charge. VLACS accepts out-of-state students when seats are available; these students will be charged tuition for attending the school.

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