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How a Veterinary Science Online Course Helped This Animal Lover Pursue Her Passion

When Savannah Dunn went to apply to work at a local veterinary clinic, she quickly realized she was going to need to brush up on the basics before attending her first day on the job. Luckily, in the midst of the hiring process, Dunn, a 17-year old animal lover from Mont Vernon, NH, was encouraged to take the Veterinary Science online course available at Virtual Learning Academy. Looking back, Dunn said that piece of advice proved invaluable as she has learned more by taking the VLACS course than she ever could’ve imagined.

“The course was really easy to sign up for, and ended up being very informative about veterinary science,” said Dunn.

As her very first VLACS course, Dunn said she enjoyed completing the regular course work, as well as watching videos through the virtual charter schools’ online portal. The fact that all of the learning remained online was something Dunn said helped her remain focused on the subject matter.

“I liked that it was all online and I could keep it all in one place,” she said.

Having been home-educated since the third grade, Dunn said the flexibility of the Veterinary Science online course has allowed her to not only continue with her additional schoolwork but also enjoy her various other passions-such as reading, writing, drawing, and working at the veterinary clinic.

“I’ve been a big lover of animals my whole life,” said Dunn, who owns a cat named Sammy and a dog named Jolly.

As a student technician assistant, Dunn said her role at the clinic entails cleaning up after and caring for the animals-such as taking dogs on walks, feeding all of the animals, and assisting technicians with administering medication.

With an obvious passion for animals, as well as an eagerness to learn, the home-educated student who is now in the 12th grade said enrolling in the online course at VLACS helped her gain the experience she needed to assist in anything that came her way at the vet clinic.

For example, Dunn said she has seen a lot of cases come through the clinic involving the feline leukemia virus and didn’t know much about the malady before taking the Veterinary Science online course at VLACS.

“I learned through VLACS that it’s not cancer, it’s an infection of their immune systems,” said Dunn. “I also learned you need to be very careful when handling them because it can be transmitted through saliva.”

In terms of her future, Dunn said her current goal is to get an undergraduate degree at a community college or university. After getting her undergraduate degree, Dunn said she would like to continue her studies either with a graduate program at a college or attending veterinary school.

Dunn said she would recommend VLACS to anyone who is willing to put in the time to be successful and has the drive to be an active participant in his or her own education.

“It’s about time management and making sure you can prioritize correctly,” she said.

If you’re a home-educated student who is looking to pursue your passions similar to that of Samantha Dunn, why not consider becoming a part-time student at VLACS. Or if you’re looking to make online learning a full-time experience, check out VLACS full-time programs available for middle and high school students. VLACS employs a student-centered learning approach that is not only personalized and flexible but also engages students in their interests, talents, and passions. Enroll today to start earning credits toward your high school diploma.