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Celebrating Success at the 2023 VLACS Graduation Ceremony

On Friday, June 9, 2023, we held our graduation ceremony at the Capitol Center for the Arts in Concord, NH, to honor the graduates of our full-time and adult education programs. 

As a virtual school proudly serving students worldwide, the class of 2023 represented students from locations including New Hampshire, Massachusetts, Florida, and Pennsylvania. Eighty-four of the one-hundred and seventy-four high school graduates traveled to celebrate this long-awaited achievement. Many of our graduates earn diplomas prior to our graduation ceremony and choose to celebrate privately. We are proud of each and every graduate!

In addition to the student’s families and friends, VLACS instructors, advisors, and staff were also present to offer their congratulations to the graduates. Being the first in-person ceremony since the pandemic in 2020, the excitement and enthusiasm in the room was overwhelming. 

During the ceremony, we also celebrated eight graduates of our adult education diploma program who demonstrated that education can be pursued at any stage of life.  

Carey Glines, VLACS Director of Full-Time Programs and Students shared,

“The energy at our graduation ceremony this year was fantastic. We had a greater number of graduates (and guests) in attendance than ever before; among them some of our most resilient yet. Watching the students, instructors, and school counseling staff come together face to face was priceless, the pinnacle of relationships born and maintained on Zoom. We are so proud of our graduates and thankful for the time we spent with them during this celebratory event.”

The VLACS 2023 graduation ceremony was a testament to every student’s hard work and dedication to their education. Some graduates will move on to pursue higher education. Some will travel or join the military. Others will begin their careers or start their own businesses. As they embark on this next chapter of their lives, we are confident that the effort leading up to this day will prepare them for any path they choose. 

Congratulations to the VLACS class of 2023 and all graduates. You’ve conquered challenges and shown the world what you’re capable of achieving. We hope that you find inspiration, success, and happiness in anything you do! 

Please enjoy this recap of the ceremony!