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Scott Prescott Received NH Scholars Champion Award

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Scott Prescott, Virtual Learning Academy’s Director of Instruction, is one of eleven local educators who received an award at the Annual NH Scholars Breakfast of Champions on Wednesday, December 4 in Bedford. The event, sponsored by NH Scholars and Unitil, celebrates business and education partnerships.

Prescott received the NH Scholars Champion award for his work in developing business partnerships to create work-based learning opportunities for students. Prescott has led new initiatives at VLACS to help bring real-world relevance to students’ learning and inspire them to begin exploring careers.

Career Connections was launched to provide a platform where VLACS students could collaborate with professionals from an array of industries through live webinars. Career Connections sessions offer an opportunity for students to engage with field experts to gain insight into how they can enter a career path.

In addition to Career Connections, Prescott assisted in the planning and execution of VLACS’s new badging program that awards students when they gain new knowledge and skills throughout a career-focused course or hands-on experience. Badges help students plan for life after graduation, wherever their journey takes them. They are designed to prepare students to earn industry-recognized certifications, enter a career path, or begin a college degree program with confidence.

VLACS’s Program Manager for Instruction, Julie Reece, said Prescott makes all of their team’s initiatives a reality. “To me, his work epitomizes VLACS’s mission to give students the freedom to pursue their education on their own terms,” Reece said.

Prescott continues to demonstrate his commitment to developing relationships with businesses to provide educational experiences that help students achieve their academic and career goals. He addresses the emerging needs of businesses and the skills that business leaders envision for the future workforce. He ensures that VLACS is implementing a strong curriculum that is consistently evolving with students’ needs.

Lisa Kent, VLACS’s Program Manager of Instruction, works closely with Prescott and commented on the climate of mutual trust and respect he creates for his team. “Scott plans, directs, and coordinates the many aspects involved in curriculum and instruction which in turn impacts all involved at VLACS. He ensures that we have a unified, consistent, and normed message and approach with our instructional strategies supported by a warm, inclusive and supportive review and improvement process,” Kent said. 

Prescott said the driving force behind his efforts is the belief that all students benefit from seeing the purpose of their learning. “Each student graduating from high school should have a clear picture of what their next steps are after high school, whether it is to take a gap year, enter the military, start a career or go onto more education,” Prescott said. He added that VLACS is devoted to helping students develop an awareness of available opportunities and teach them how to explore potential careers. “It is a win-win for schools, students, and businesses,” Prescott said.

It doesn’t stop there! Prescott and his team have been working around-the-clock to develop new programs that connect students with learning opportunities to prepare for their futures. Stay tuned to find out what’s coming up next at VLACS!