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Top 3 Reasons Your Child Would Benefit from Online Middle School Courses

middle school student online learning

The popularity of online learning is surging-so much so that online learning institutions like Virtual Learning Academy Charter School (VLACS) have begun to offer an expanded selection of online middle school courses to students in grades 6, 7, and 8.

The reason a school like VLACS continues to expand its online middle school course offerings, in addition to its already robust virtual high school course catalog, is because of the obvious benefits virtual learning offers students-no matter their age, ability or learning styles.

Virtual Learning Academy Charter School believes it’s never too early to start learning online.

The following are 3 great reasons why your child would benefit from taking online middle school courses:

1. Introduces Technology Early On – When a student enters high school, public or private, their access to technology typically expands two-fold. When this same student goes to college, technology options continue to broaden. Not only that but for many classes, a certain level of technological understanding will be expected. By taking online middle school courses, a student can begin to wrap their head around many of the education initiatives currently taking place in public education, such as open-source, Web-based course management systems that enable students to communicate with each other and their instructors. If a student decides they want to enroll in a full-time virtual learning program, then they’ve essentially been given a head start in developing their technological competencies, which will certainly only help them in the future.

2. Sets the Course for Independent Learning – Online learning helps a student develop the skills needed to be an independent learner-something that will go a long way in preparing them for their experience in high school and college. It also teaches important lessons related to time management-such as how to budget time for studying and completing assignments around a busy schedule. Communication skills are also taught at an early age, as students are required to keep in contact with their instructors and occasionally interact with fellow students. Another very important skill students will learn is that of self-advocacy, which is the idea of a student inserting themselves in their own education by understanding their strengths and needs, as well as identifying personal goals.

3. Identifies/Accommodates a Variety of Learning Styles at a Young Age – As students grow, they develop their own personalized approach to learning. This approach is typically cultivated without them even knowing it. Middle school-aged students who are enrolled in virtual learning, will begin to recognize that they have full control over how they learn. Online schooling can be tailored to fit individual academic needs-not a one size fits all approach typically found in today’s brick-and-mortar classrooms.

At VLACS, our competency-based approach to learning has proven so successful for our students in high school that we’ve decided to expand our online middle school course offerings. We’ve also very recently added a full-time Middle School option as well.

Full-time middle school students are required to take a core academic course in a variety of disciplines. Additionally, each year, a full-time middle school student is required to take a physical education course, advisory course, and elective course.

Attend an open house to learn more about how to enroll your student in online middle school courses.