woman outside on laptopFull-time Student Application Process

The admissions process is intended to help support students as they transition to online learning full time.

Throughout the application process, our admissions staff helps prospective students learn about our full-time program's opportunities, resources, and expectations. While students strive to meet admissions goals, they develop skills for success, gain a sense of full-time attendance requirements, and demonstrate their commitment to learning at VLACS.


Prospective students in grades 6 -12 should follow the steps below to complete the admissions process:

1. Create an Account

2. Enroll in Courses

3. Complete the Application

4. Attend an Information Session

5. Application Review

6. Attend Admissions Plan Meeting

7. Meet Admissions Plan Goals

8. Acceptance into the Full-Time Program

If you are interested in full-time enrollment for your K-5 student, please visit our full-time elementary page.


Additional Admissions Information

Selecting Courses

If an applicant is only taking courses through VLACS, they must enroll in a minimum of three courses, with one being in a core academic area (math, English, science, social studies, world language). If enrolled in courses at another school, applicants must enroll in a minimum of one course in a core academic area.

In general, we recommend that prospective students prioritize meeting graduation requirements. For example, if the student has:

  • Completed English 1, register for English 2,
  • Completed Algebra 1, register for Geometry,
  • Completed Physical Science, register for Biology,
  • Completed World History and US and NH History, register for Economics or US and NH Government.

Lists of graduation and course requirements are provided below. If an applicant is unsure of what courses to register for when they apply, they should wait to request courses until they have their Admissions Plan Meeting.

Transcripts from Previous School(s)

After receiving a student’s application, VLACS requests transcripts from previous school(s). Families are also welcome to send transcripts to [email protected]

Application Review

Once Steps 1-4 have been completed and VLACS has received a student’s transcript(s), an Admissions Counselor will review the student’s application. If a student has demonstrated a commitment to online learning through current or recent VLACS course work, the student may be accepted to the full-time program without an Admissions Meeting or Plan. Criteria that will be considered include: consistent submissions, working on pace, timely completion of competencies, and an ability to balance multiple courses. In most cases, applicants will progress to Step 6.

Admissions Plan Meeting and Goals

The Admissions Plan Meeting provides an opportunity for the applicant and their family and an Admissions Counselor to meet. During this meeting, the following will be discussed: the student’s academic history, interests and goals,  course selections, support resources, and a timeline for acceptance.

A personalized Admissions Plan will also be created for the student. Although details of the plans will vary, goals will center around:

  • Submitting work weekly in each course.
  • Submitting assignments and completing DBAs in sequence.
  • Re-doing competencies until they are met.
  • Attending scheduled meetings with instructors and the Admissions Counselor.
  • Responding to communications from instructors and Admissions Counselors.
  • Reaching out to instructors and Admissions Counselors for support or with questions or concerns.

Admissions Plans include a scheduled Review Date on which the counselor reviews the student’s progress towards meeting goals. If the student has met their goals, they will be accepted to the full-time program.

If a student needs more time to meet their goals, a second Admissions Plan Meeting will be scheduled and an Admissions Extension Plan will be created for the student. If the student does not meet goals after an Extension Plan, they will be withdrawn from the application process. Students who are withdrawn from the process are welcome to reapply.

Admissions Resources Page

After attending an Information Session, students will gain access to the “Admissions Resources” page which includes admissions-related information and links to connect with Admissions Counselors during office hours. Students are encouraged to reach out to counselors with questions and for support in reaching goals.

Length of the Admissions Process

The length of the admissions process varies depending on individual circumstances. Some students may progress through the process in fewer than four weeks. The process may take longer for a variety of reasons, including: 1) If the student is not enrolled in courses when they apply; 2) If the student is struggling to meet admissions goals; 3) If the admissions team is waiting for a transcript from a student’s previous school(s); 4) If the student has not yet scheduled or attended an information session or Admission Plan Meeting.

*For answers to more admissions-related questions, please see: Admissions FAQs.

Becoming a Full-Time Student

Once a student has met admissions goals, the student is accepted to the full-time program. Notification of acceptance and accompanying forms are sent to the student. When forms are returned, the student is officially enrolled in the full-time program and assigned to Advisory and an Advisor and begins their journey as a full-time student!

Full-Time High School Graduation Requirements 

Before selecting courses, high school applicants should reference the graduation requirements below.

Subjects Credits
Arts Education 0.5
Information & Communication Technologies 0.5
English 4.0
Mathematics (including Algebra I and .5 credit in Geometry or equivalent) 3.0
Physical sciences 1.0
Biological sciences 1.0
U.S. and N.H. History 1.0
U.S. and N.H. Government/Civics 0.5
Economics 0.5
World History or Geography 0.5
Health Education 0.5
Physical Education 1.0
Advisory (1 credit for each year of full-time enrollment) 1.0 - 4.0
Elective 5.0 - 6.5
Career, Dual Credit, or AP 1.0
Total 22.5 - 24.0

Full-Time Middle School Course Requirements

Full-time middle school students are required to take a core academic course in each of the disciplines listed below during each year (6th, 7th, and 8th grade) of enrollment:

  • English Language Arts
  • Mathematics Course
  • Social Studies
  • Science

Middle School classes are numbered to indicate the suggested grade level. For example, Middle School Language Arts 1 is typically for grade six students, Middle School Language Arts 2 is typically for seventh grade students.  When appropriate, there may be flexibility/discretion involved in course selections.

Additionally, each year a full-time middle school student is required to take:

  • Physical education or health course
  • Advisory
  • Elective course

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