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Welcome to VLACS Full-Time Elementary Education!

Leverage the benefits of online learning year-round, get unlimited access to a high-quality education, and enroll at VLACS full-time! Our rigorous and interactive curriculum blended with our relationship-focused approach to learning ensures that students have the resources and support to thrive academically. Discover why online learning full-time works for so many families.  

We are accepting applications to the full-time elementary program for the 2022-23 academic year. Apply today!

Benefits of Full-Time Elementary Education 

Families who decide to make VLACS their official school of record have access to our school counseling services, as well as other full-time opportunities and supports, including: 

  • One core teacher for math, science, ELA, social studies, and science. This teacher will work with students to develop their social and emotional skills. Meet some of the friendly faces of VLACS in our blog series, “Voices of VLACS”
  • Fun and engaging specials, like physical education, technology, art, and Spanish, each with a different teacher.  
  • A school counselor available as needed. 
  • Collaborative sessions with students. 
  • VLACS as the official school of record. This means that VLACS determines when a student has met the competencies necessary to move from grade to grade. VLACS will also provide parents and students with transcripts and other official documentation of learning and attendance at an approved NH charter school/public school. 
  • Special education accommodations provided by VLACS staff.  As per state law,  a student’s local school administers and provides special education services. VLACS instructors review students' 504s and IEPs and, with counselors, determine how they are able to reasonably accommodate students. Many accommodations such as extended time, preferential seating, breaks, etc. are inherent in our model. Special education supports and services remain the responsibility of the local district for students regardless of their VLACS enrollment status.
  • The flexibility to determine when and where learning takes place. Pacing is also determined by the parent and student. 




child on laptop computer with headphones smiling

I have a student who was quite nervous in the beginning. I got to know him as a learner, provided encouragement, and stressed the importance of making mistakes as we learn. He is completely independent now and has completed three of his 4 courses more than a month ahead of schedule. 

4th Grade Instructor

child on laptop computer with headphones smiling
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In a particularly flattering moment with a parent, they told me "I was starting to give up on having my son like school, but he loves working with you and really appreciates you as a teacher."

3rd Grade Instructor

boy reading a book outside, boy taking his work on the road
girl working on laptop, online learning

I could not have been more thrilled to see my student bounding onto the screen with a big smile on her face saying, “I’m so excited we have a DBA today! I’m ready.” When I first spoke with her, she was not ready to come to the screen, now she jumps into our sessions with both feet.

2nd Grade Instructor

girl working on laptop, online learning


Why do parents enroll their children at VLACS?

Learning can happen at a comfortable speed, which provides students with more time to work in areas of challenge without the pressure of a traditional school schedule. They can learn at their own pace and move onto new lessons only when they are ready.

Families have the flexibility to free up time in their schedule for unstructured play, socialization with friends and family, volunteering opportunities, and beyond.

Learning can happen in a safe environment, in the comfort of their home. Or if they need to travel or work outside of the home, they can take school with them.

The unmatched support and one-on-one attention that’s provided by the instructor who will get to know students and their families.

Students and parents can customize their education and tailor their day around their needs to help them learn better.

Students and parents can join collaborative neighborhood learning groups or pods.

The 15 years of high-quality online learning experience our school provides families with.

The ability to blend homeschool and charter school partnership.

Meet Our Teachers

mrs wagner

Hello! I'm Ms. Wagner, your second grade teacher! I'll be supporting you through your language arts, math, science, and social studies courses. I have 25 years of experience teaching grades 1, 2, 5, and 6. I look forward to getting to know you and your family!

mrs wahl

Greetings! I’m Mrs. Wahl, your art teacher! I’m so excited to work with you. We’ll get your creativity flowing and start exploring a variety of art techniques. 

mrs blais

Hola, my name is Sra. Rosa Blais, your Spanish teacher. I was born in Seville, Spain, and have been teaching Spanish for over 25 years.  I enjoy working with online students and sharing my enthusiasm for learning Spanish. 


We purchase most of our course curriculum from vetted course providers. Our primary provider of elementary course content is Florida Virtual School. The Florida Virtual School has rigorously maintained content that meets national standards.   

Our learning model provides students with the opportunity to learn on and off-screen. Depending on the course and grade level, students will learn through lessons and practice their course material in meaningful ways.  

All of our elementary courses require basic technology materials and school supplies. A list of materials required for courses can be found in the course description on our learning catalog.

In addition, each elementary subject area also has printables and workbooks divided by grade level. Students and parents will be able to access these workbooks from each course.

Once students have all of their materials, it’s time to start learning! Throughout a course, students will complete various lessons that can be reviewed using our helpful built-in readers. Then, students will submit assessments for grading and feedback.

There are three types of assessments:

  1. Teacher-graded (like worksheets), writing assignments, projects et al, that students can submit through a text box or attachment.
  1. Tests and quizzes, which are multiple-choice, true/false, matching, fill-in-the-blank, or essay. Some or all parts of exams are auto-graded and others require the teacher to grade.
  2. Competency-based assessments are those that measure mastery of a specific competency in a specific area and require a certain level of proficiency. While there are not many of these, please note that there are a few in each course. 

Read our blog post for examples of learning exercises and work schedules.


Our elementary program offers several different opportunities for students to collaborate and interact with their peers. 

  • Weekly Group Collaborations. Students have an opportunity to socialize with fellow VLACS students during our weekly group collaborations facilitated by an instructor. During collaborations, students meet for 30 minutes to complete group activities. Examples of these activities include storytime, science activities, art exercises, and more. 
  • Career Connections. We offer Live Career Connections sessions to our elementary students monthly. These sessions are hosted by industry professionals who present to students about their careers. 
  • Enrichment Experiences. Enrichment Experiences are a synchronous offering where students meet with an instructor and other elementary students on a weekly basis to engage in activities relating to the theme of the Enrichment Experience.
  • Endless Possibilities. With the flexibility of the VLACS schedule, students and families can pursue experiences that foster collaboration like community service, extracurricular activities, clubs, sports, and beyond!

Part-Time vs. Full-Time 

Families who enroll with us part-time are responsible for all aspects of their child’s education. Families can choose to enroll their student in courses a la carte, utilize our program to supply their home-educated child with our curriculum or take a full course load with us (6 credits per year) while still enrolled at their local school. All students are considered part-time until they complete our admissions process. 

After families complete our admission process, they are officially enrolled with us full time. The admissions process is not competitive; rather, it is designed to support students as they transition to online learning. Full-time students will follow our course and attendance requirements and take state-mandated assessments with us. They will also follow our grade assignments and promotions. 

Part-Time Homeschool Full-Time
VLACS is official school of record X
VLACS is the student's full-time school X
VLACS determines grade level placement upon entry X
VLACS determines grade level placement as students complete subject competencies X
VLACS school counseling services X
Participate in full-time course load Depends on situation Determined by parent/guardian X
VLACS Implements special education accommodations as per an active IEP X X X
Transitions to middle and high school without participating in the VLACS admissions process X

Ready To Enroll With Us Full-Time?

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