New Course Offerings

Middle School Ukulele

Have you ever dreamed of playing the ukulele? Whether you want to play the ukulele for your family and friends, plan to be a professional performer, or just love playing music, this course is a great place to start. No prior music experience is needed.

Digital Design 1a & 1b

Learn how to captivate your audience with stunning and effective digital art! Then, explore how to market yourself and open your own design business all while building a portfolio of your work samples. equipment, and evaluate and market your own designs.

Business Ownership 1a & 1b

Do you dream of a future where you can have creative freedom, working in an industry you love, where you can get up every morning excited about what the day will bring? Take this course and develop the skills you need to take your dream and transform it into a successful business.

Animation 1b

t’s time to start animating like the pros! In this hands-on course, you’ll immediately start exploring the software Blender, your gateway to 3D modeling, computer animation, and postproduction procedures used in the film industry.

Physical Wellness 2

Have you ever wondered how to incorporate the health and wellness benefits of fitness into your career? Through these projects, you will get to learn about training principles, injury prevention, and the health benefits of movement all while trying on a few “hats” within the physical wellness world.

UNH - VLACS Micro-Internship

UNH is offering several camps throughout the summer and we partnered with them so that as you attend the camp, you can earn academic credit too! Even if you aren't planning on attending UNH, you are still welcome to participate in any of their camps, ranging from sports camps to STEAM-focused camps.

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