Middle School

Middle School Intro to Individual Sports 1

0.5 Credits
18 weeks
Young woman swimmer portrait joy rejoices in victory in swimming competitions in swimming pool

This course provides students with an overview of individual sports. Students learn about a variety of sports, yet do an in-depth study of running, walking, strength training, yoga, Pilates, dance, water sports, and cross-training. Students learn the history, rules, and guidelines of each sport, and practice specific skills related to each sport. Students also learn about the components of fitness, FITT principles, benefits of fitness, safety and technique, and good nutrition. Students conduct fitness assessments and participate in weekly physical activity.

Major Topics and Concepts

This course is divided into the following Units and Sections.

Unit 1: Getting Started

  • 1.1 Fitness Assessment
  • 1.2 Goal Setting
  • 1.3 Getting Started

Unit 2: Movement & Safety

  • 2.1 Warm Up
  • 2.2 Safety
  • 2.3 Principles of Movement

Unit 3: Intro to Sports

  • 3.1 Individual Sports
  • 3.2 Team Sports

Unit 4: Walking & Running

  • 4.1 Walking & Hiking
  • 4.2 Running

Unit 5: Dance

  • 5.1 Rhythm & Dance
  • 5.2 Folk Dance

Unit 6: Yoga

  • 6.1 Types of Yoga
  • 6.2 Yoga Benefits & Technique

Unit 7: Post Assessment

  • 7.1 Post Assessment


Individual Sports Fitness Assessments

Students will demonstrate an understanding of individual sports fitness assessments by explaining personal fitness assessments for individual sports, describing personal fitness goals for individual sports, and describing the FITT principle.

Individual Sports Exercise Safety

Students will demonstrate an understanding of individual sports exercise safety by describing the safety techniques of an exercise program, explaining the benefits of warm up and cool down exercises, and describing movement principles.

Lifetime Sports

Students will demonstrate an understanding of lifetime sports by describing individual sports and describing team sports.

Walking and Running

Students will demonstrate an understanding of walking and running by describing walking techniques and explaining running techniques.


Students will demonstrate an understanding of dance by explaining types of dance and describing movements of folk dance.


Students will demonstrate an understanding of yoga by describing types of yoga, describing yoga techniques, and explaining the benefits of yoga.