Middle School

Middle School Fitness Basics 1

0.5 Credits
18 weeks
Happy boy after the basketball match with his father. Mid adult man and child are smiling in backyard.

This course provides students with a basic understanding of fitness and nutrition. Students will learn about exercise safety, team and individual sports, nutrition, and the importance of staying active throughout their lifetime. Students conduct fitness assessments, set goals, develop their own fitness program, and participate in weekly physical activity.

Major Topics and Concepts

Course Introduction

Unit 1: Get Moving

  • 1.1 Getting Started
  • 1.2 Fitness Assessment
  • 1.3 Fitness Analysis


Unit 2: Exercise Programming

  • 2.1 Goal Setting
  • 2.2 Creating an Exercise Program
  • 2.3 Motivation and Cooperation


Unit 3: Exercise Technique

  • 3.1 Warm Up and Cool Down
  • 3.2 Exercise Technique & Proper Posture


Unit 4: Foundation of Fitness

  • 4.1 Components of Fitness
  • 4.2 Principles of Exercise
  • 4.3 Heart Rate and Intensity


Unit 5: Fitness

  • 5.1 What is Fitness?
  • 5.2 Skill vs. Health
  • 5.3 Benefits of Fitness


Unit 6: Post Assessment

  • 6.1 Post Assessment


Fitness Routines

Students will demonstrate an understanding of fitness routines by describing fitness routines, explaining fitness assessments, and explaining a personal fitness assessment analysis.

Exercise Programming

Students will demonstrate an understanding of exercise programming by describing fitness goal setting, explaining exercise programs, and explaining exercise motivation and cooperation with others.

Exercise Techniques

Students will demonstrate an understanding of exercise techniques by describing proper warm up and cool down, and explaining proper exercise techniques.

Foundations of Fitness

Students will demonstrate an understanding of the foundations of fitness by describing the components of fitness, explaining the principles of exercise, and explaining target heart rate.

Physical Fitness

Students will demonstrate an understanding of physical fitness by explaining physical fitness, differentiating between skill and health, and explaining benefits of fitness.