Adult Ed

Adult Education English 4 Projects

1.0 Credit
36 weeks
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Projects allow students to demonstrate competence and understanding of concepts and skills by completing a career-related task. For example, the assignment might be to create a mural, a package design, a speech, a film review, or a movie set – you name it! These creative projects are about applying your learning acquired through in-depth research to real-world career tasks.

Each competency will be addressed through a project based on a real-life career task. Here are the careers you will explore: Actor, Website Editor, Paralegal, Lawyer, Poet, Sociologist, and Psychologist.



Storytelling in Literary Texts

Students will demonstrate an understanding of storytelling in literary texts by describing the development of characters and plot, explaining the impact of word choice on literary texts, evaluating interpretations of a source text, and creating a narrative using the six traits of storytelling.

Explanatory Writing

Students will demonstrate an understanding of explanatory writing by explaining the constitutional principles and legal reasoning in seminal United States texts, evaluating source relevance, integrating source information into a text, and creating a structured explanatory text following an outline.

Poetry and Perspectives

Students will demonstrate an understanding of poetry and perspectives by analyzing the impact of structural and literary devices on a poem’s theme, creating a poem incorporating structural elements and poetic devices, and comparing eighteenth-century American cultural perspectives.

The Argumentative Writing Process

Students will demonstrate an understanding of the argumentative writing process by creating an outline with research following an organizational pattern, creating a written argument strengthened by evidence and audience awareness, presenting a revised argument supported by an infographic, and explaining the importance of understanding point of view.