Adult Ed

Adult Education English 3 Projects

1.0 Credit
36 weeks
man reading a book while sitting on the sofa.

Projects allow students to demonstrate competence and understanding of concepts and skills by completing a career-related task. For example, the assignment might be to create a mural, a package design, a speech, a film review, or a movie set – you name it! These creative projects are about applying your learning acquired through in-depth research to real-world career tasks.

Each competency will be addressed through a project based on a real-life career task. Here are the careers you will explore: Director, Museum Tour Guide, Conservation Scientist, Content Writer, Librarian, Campaign Manager, and Neuroscientist.



Literary Interpretation

Students will demonstrate an understanding of literary interpretation by explaining interpretation strategies, comparing interpretations of Shakespearean drama, and describing representations of nineteenth-century American culture in literature.

Informative Texts

Students will demonstrate an understanding of informative texts by summarizing an informative text using textual evidence, formulating a response using multiple sources of information in different media or formats, and creating a structured informative text following an outline.

Narrative Writing

Students will demonstrate an understanding of narrative writing by analyzing an author’s craft and structure within a story, and creating a story using narrative techniques.


Students will demonstrate an understanding of poetry by comparing the treatment of similar themes or topics within contemporary American poems, explaining historical and cultural influences on early-twentieth-century poetry, and creating a multimedia presentation on poetry analysis.

Rhetoric and Research

Students will demonstrate an understanding of rhetoric and research by analyzing a speaker’s use of persuasive appeals, explaining the themes and purpose of a presidential address, evaluating source credibility, and documenting research.

The Argumentative Writing Process

Competency Statement: Students will demonstrate an understanding of the argumentative writing process by formulating the elements of an argument, creating a structured argumentative essay following an outline, explaining the process of revision, and creating a multimedia presentation to deliver an argument.