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3 Ways to Conquer Online Learning Stess

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Zoom meetings, emails, competency-based assessments, welcome to the world of online learning!

It’s quite the learning curve if you aren’t accustomed to it.

Thankfully, online learning isn’t anything new! At VLACS, we have been serving thousands of students with a personalized, relationship-focused education for over fifteen years. These students have customized their education and gained the knowledge for a lifetime, and you can too!

As you embark on this new journey, don’t let your worries discourage you from enjoying your experience. Online learning isn’t just about finding a temporary solution. It’s about learning on your own terms, gaining essential life skills, forming lasting connections, and having access to infinite opportunities.

Ready to defeat those stressors? We asked our instructors, “What are your best tips for conquering the stress of online learning?” Here is what they have to say!

1. Create a manageable schedule for yourself. 

“Scheduling is key. How much structure do you need to be successful? How much time per day do you plan to devote to school work, and will this allow you to meet your goals? Do you need to work around siblings, sports, work, or other commitments? During what time of day are you at your best for learning? Online learning gives you the flexibility to answer these questions, but it’s important to make a plan to structure your time.” Mrs. Snaer

“Seek balance in your work and daily schedule.  Try to break down tasks into manageable pieces and make sure you incorporate breaks into the schedule to minimize feelings of being overwhelmed.” Mrs. Foulks

“Use a calendar or chart. If you’re not already using a calendar or some way to manage your time, do so. Google calendar and iPhone calendars are great tools, as are paper calendars and charts. Visual reminders of what needs to be completed can be really motivating!” Mrs. Snaer

2. Do not hesitate to ask questions, your instructors are here and happy to support you throughout your journey. 

“Feel free to contact your instructors via the “Need Help” tab during their open office hours or by email when you have any questions. Also, the Academic Help Desk is available if you need a quick answer, and your instructor is not available.” Mr. LeDrew

“Ask about pre-tests at the beginning of the modules. Consider using them as part of your review for the exam rather than doing them as your initial assignments at the beginning of new modules.” Mrs. Walker

3. Treat your workspace like your classroom, keeping it organized and free from any possible distractions. 

“Have a separate workspace that is different from your relaxing space so you can physically experience the boundaries of when it’s time to work or play.” Mrs. Strong

“Get a 1-subject notebook for each course and staple the pace chart to the cover. Write the dates you submit work under ‘actual due date’.” Mrs. Walker

Remember, you do not have to go at this experience alone! Tap into your support network when you are feeling overwhelmed or burnt out. Make sure that your family is on board, as well as any others who can offer encouragement, like your VLACS community!

Everyone encounters bumps in the road on occasion. If you start to lose motivation, reward yourself after completing assignments! Just finished an essay? Treat yourself to your favorite dessert that night. Even the simplest strategies can keep you on track towards your final goal.

Keep chugging along, stay calm, and don’t forget to remind yourself of all the amazing things you are accomplishing. You got this!