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Estimated Completion Time

2 segments/36 weeks


There is a reason “all roads lead to Rome.” Maybe it is because Romans built much of the ancient world’s highway system. Maybe it is also because the Roman culture and Latin language laid the foundation for much of Western culture. In this course, students find out for themselves as they take their first steps on a lifelong journey of discovery.

Students improve their command of the English language by studying Latin. Students also gain a better understanding of today’s laws and culture by getting into the Roman mind. Latin I is the most comprehensive way to begin.

The purpose of this course is to give students a foundation in Latin grammar and vocabulary. This course also acquaints students with Olympic gods and with the everyday life of the typical Roman. The course sets the students’ feet on a journey as big as their imagination, with a passport to some of the world’s most exciting places.


Note: content varies depending on course version. For currently enrolled students, please refer to the syllabus located in the course information area for curriculum specifics.

Course Requirements

Besides engaging students in challenging curriculum, VLACS guides students to reflect on their learning and to evaluate their progress through a variety of assessments. Assessments will be in the form of self-checks, practice lessons, multiple choice questions, translation comprehension, written translations, essays, projects, oral assessments, and discussions. Instructors evaluate progress and provide interventions through the variety of assessments built into a course, as well as through contact with the student in other venues.

Major Topics and Concepts


Segment 1

  • First declension nouns
  • Second declension nouns (masculine and neuter)
  • Cases and case uses—Nominative: subject, predicate nominative, predicate adjective—Genitive: possession, genitive of the whole—Dative: indirect object—Accusative:  direct object, object of preposition—Ablative: place where, by means of, object of preposition
  • First conjugation verbs, present active system
  • First conjugation verbs, perfect active system
  • Second conjugation verbs, present active system
  • Second conjugation verbs, perfect active system
  • Present system of ‘sum’
  • Perfect system of ‘sum’
  • Vocatives and Imperatives
  • Infinitives
  • Adjectives (positive degree only)
  • Pronunciation
  • The Roman Forum
  • Prefixes
  • Gladiators and gladiatorial games
  • Mottoes, Abbreviations and Phrases
  • Art and Architecture
  • Roman numerals
  • Roman education
  • Vocabulary
  • English derivatives


Segment 2

  • Passive voice verbs, present and perfect system (1st/2nd conjugation)
  • Ablative of agent
  • Asking questions
  • -Er adjectives
  • Adverbs
  • Connectors
  • Appositives
  • Third conjugation verbs, present system (active and passive voice)
  • Third conjugation verbs, perfect system (active and passive voice)
  • Fourth conjugation verbs, present system (active and passive voice)
  • Fourth conjugation verbs, perfect system (active and passive voice)
  • Personal pronouns
  • Olympian gods
  • Greek and Roman myths
  • Idioms
  • Epic conventions
  • Vergil and the Aeneid
  • The Trojan War
  • Roman calendar
  • Helpful phrases
  • Roman daily life
  • Vocabulary
  • English derivatives



Credits 1

Competency Group Overview

Meets elective credit




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