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Whether it's the summer months or the holiday season, irresistible distractions surround you. From spending time with family and friends to attending sports practice and events, your schedule can be busy, especially during certain times of the year!

And while it may be tempting to soak up all of the fun, if you're an online student, you may be faced with the challenge of finding enough time to juggle it all. Since online students have the freedom and flexibility to decide when and where they will learn, they are also responsible for staying motivated and productive, even during busy times of the year. Finding a healthy balance between your online work and leisure time is essential to staying on the right track!

VLACS is here to help you budget time for it all with 5 of our most helpful time management tips for online learners!

Plan ahead of time and create a schedule. Have relatives traveling to your house during the holiday? You’ll want to get a head start on assignments for that week so that you aren’t waiting until the last minute to turn them in. Write down any assignments that you will need to complete ahead of time and designate specific dates and times that you will work on those assignments.

Know your limits. Recognize when it’s time to take a break. Whether that be a 30-minute break between assignments or a few days to reset, allow yourself some time to unwind. If you have something going on, let your instructor know that you need to take a short break from your coursework. If you are distracted, you might not be getting the most out of your course material. A more effective approach is to come back to your work once you regain focus!

Ask for help. If you do not understand something, ask your instructor! It will take much more time to finish an assignment if you do not have a clear understanding of what is expected from you, or how to complete it correctly.

Find a quiet place to work. Designate a space that allows you to focus on your work without any interruptions so that you can complete assignments efficiently. Turn off your cell phone, let the people in your household know that you are doing school work, and get it done, distraction-free!

Stay Organized. Use a planner. Write things down. Take notes. Staying organized will ensure that you are spending your time wisely and getting things done when they should be. Is there anything worse than trying to squeeze in classwork because you forgot to do it? Keeping yourself organized will prevent any long-lost assignments from keeping you up all night!

There you have it! Your guide to getting through ANY busy time of the year! These time management tips are super useful for an online student and will be just as important in the future when it’s time to enter the workforce.

Keep these tips handy and remember, your VLACS instructors are always there to help. Be sure to check out our learning to learn page for more tips.


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