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VLACS Student Debuts Her First Music Video

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“All cures begin with love.” – Emma Jedow

Emma Jedow is finishing her final months as a high school student at VLACS with big dreams. She plans to move to Los Angeles after she graduates to pursue a music career. As a singer-songwriter, Jedow’s music does more than entertain her listeners; it raises awareness about common issues in society, like bullying and the negative effects of social media. 

Jedow started writing songs when she was 11-years-old as a way to express herself. Today, she says she cannot imagine what her life would be like without it. “As a kid, I had a hard time expressing my emotions, and I could never find the right words, but when I found music, I finally found a way where I could express myself and kind of make sense of everything,” Jedow recalls. Having past experiences with bullying and anxiety, Jedow says she strives to be a voice for people who are struggling with the same issues.

To spread this message even further, she pitched a music video concept to Project 2 Studios for her song “The Death of a Taylor Swift Wannabe.” The song tells the courageous story of a songwriter, played by Jedow, finding her voice while battling with the trauma of being cyberbullied. Throughout the music video, her character struggles to fight through the hateful comments she receives on social media until she loses the battle and commits suicide. Jedow says the purpose of the storyline is to bring to light how dark social media can be.

“The Death of a Taylor Swift Wannabe”  has received unwavering support on YouTube with over 55,000 views and comments from fans who have been impacted by her song. “I have had a bunch of people reach out saying that they love the song or that their kids went through bullying and just thank you for that… I just love that I can be a positive figure for somebody or at least help them in any way possible,” Jedow said.

Check out the music video:

Jedow continues to work on her music and looks forward to moving to LA to focus on her career. “I have so many songs that I can’t wait to show to the world,” Jedow added.

VLACS offers students like Emma Jedow the freedom and flexibility to get an education anytime, anywhere. After becoming a full-time student at VLACS, Jedow said she was able to travel, pursue music opportunities, and concentrate on her songwriting. If you are interested in finding out more about our flexible learning model, attend an open house!