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Online High School Program of the Month: US Government and Politics

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The Online High School Program to Build a Better Future.

Editors Note: The Virtual Learning Academy Charter School has a fantastic collection of courses, but often an online high school program deserves further explanation. While our on-site course descriptions are informative, we think highlighting the impact, importance and implications of our online high school courses will give students a better idea of the opportunity. Knowing what you can be expected to learn in an online high school program is great, but understanding why the study is important and how it will affect your life is something of even greater value. The Online High School Program of the Month series is our way of sharing our passion for learning. Keep an eye out for next month’s online high school program!

Do you know which party controls the US House? Or how much of a majority Congress needs to override a veto? How about the branches and functions of the government? If not, or if you would like to be even more informed, we have the online high school program for you.

For an informed, responsible member of society, staying abreast on the current state of the US Government is important. More than anything, complacency and misinformation fuels today’s political and social discontent. We owe it to ourselves and our fellow citizens to empower and be empowered by a working knowledge of how the United States Government works and how it is currently working.

VLACS offers a course in US Government to help students become informed members of society.  The US Government course puts students in the role of a Washington D.C. intern spending time working throughout the nation’s capital with all three branches of the government-and beyond.

In addition to developing a working knowledge of how the government currently works, students of the online high school program will study the history of our government-how it has changed, and how it is still changing.

In a recent Tufts University study, it was found that students who make an effort to study civics in high school programs are “more likely to vote, to form political opinions, to know campaign issues, and to know general facts about the US political system”.

They continue to state, “There [is] a very clear relationship between studying voting in high school and political participation now. Turnout for the 2012 Presidential election was 63.1% for young people who recalled studying civics but it was only 43% for those who did not.

Students who enroll in US Government at VLACS will learn:

– Origins of Modern Government and Types of Government

– Declaration of Independence

– Articles of Confederation

– The Constitution

– Branches of Government, Checks and Balances and Federalism

– The Amendments and the Bill of Rights

– Civil Rights, Civil Liberties and the Patriot Act

– How a Bill Becomes a Law

– Foreign, Domestic, and Economic Policy

– State Governments and State Constitutions

– Citizenship and the Rights and Responsibilities of United States Citizens

– Voting Rights and Responsibilities

– Function and Role of Local Governments

– And much more!

Mindful participation will help create the world you want to live in. With competent knowledge of government processes, your participation will not only be founded in facts and belief, but it will also make a difference.

With over a quarter of the students in the Tufts survey having never taken civics, the VLACS US Government online high school program will put you far ahead. So start making informed decisions now and create a better future for you, your peers, and future generations. For more information on this course and any of the other VLACS online courses, visit our website and browse our course catalog.

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