12:00 – 2:30 pm
Dance practice
3:30 – 4:30 pm
VLACS World History Class

Your Goals.
Your Pace.
Your Education.

This school is like no other! It’s not just a virtual school – it’s an exciting world of endless possibilities where students decide when, where, and how to learn based on their interests, needs, and talents. Our customized approach to learning is available to students in grades kindergarten through twelve and to adult learners. Join our vibrant community and see why we’re more than just a school – we’re a pathway to a brighter future.

Work one-on-one with expert instructors in your areas of interest. Our academic support staff is ready to help when your instructor is not available.

Learn at your own pace, in a virtual environment designed for your success.

Take your education out of the classroom with real-world experiences.

Approved public charter school and free for New Hampshire resident students in grades K-12. We welcome all other students on a tuition basis.

Our Programs Provide the Flexibility and Academic Rigor You Need to Succeed.

Whether you want to take one or more classes to supplement your learning, or you want to attend VLACS full-time, we are here to help you to meet your unique educational goals.


Focused on the needs of young learners, our interactive, hands-on curriculum makes learning fun.

Middle School

Discover a new approach to learning that allows middle school students to begin charting their own path.

High School

Our high school offerings can help you explore your interests, reach your goals, and prepare for your future.

Adult Education

Earn a high school diploma, prepare for college, or learn something new. Check out our offerings for adults.

Your School Should Fit the Way You Learn. Not the Other Way Around.

For students looking for something different from the typical classroom experience, we offer a variety of ways to learn. All students work one-on-one with their teachers to determine which learning method will help them meet their goals. Students have the flexibility to choose multiple learning methods depending on the academic subject and their own learning style.


Learn at your own pace through virtual lessons, assignments, and assessments, with the one-on-one support of a certified teacher.


Build a custom learning experience based on your interests. Earn credit through work, internships, travel, entrepreneurship, and other “real world” activities.


Students demonstrate mastery of a competency by assuming the role of a person in a trade or profession and completing a project that is based on a real world task or problem. Every student is supported by a certified VLACS instructor.

Early College Program

Complete college courses and earn high school and college credits while you’re still in high school.

Interests & Careers

Explore subjects that spark your curiosity, pursue your passions and interests, gain new skills, or even prepare for your future career.

Intro to App Development
Study for exam
Culinary Internship
Practice knife skills
Close-up of a young elementary school student in a robotics and technology class -holds a robot model .
Geometry Project
Build prototype
Children’s Literature
Write children’s book
Careers in Criminal Justice
Shadow Attorney
LNA Training
Prepare for certification

An approved K-12 public charter school


Not Your Typical Online School

VLACS is an approved public charter school where learning takes place anytime, anywhere. Students benefit from one-on-one instruction, mentoring, and support from experienced teaching professionals, and they are given the freedom and flexibility to work at their own pace and in their own way — whether that’s through traditional coursework, hands-on projects or real-world experiences.



From community college to the Ivy League, VLACS full-time students have been accepted to colleges and universities around the world.


Professional & Business Partners

Our partners have hosted job shadows, micro-internships, and live video visits for students.


Career Badges

Awarded to students for their career-focused accomplishments since Jan 1, 2020.



K-12 and adult education students can choose from courses, projects, and experience offerings.

Attend a Virtual Open House

Have questions about how VLACS can support you and your child? Join us for a virtual open house to get all the information you need.

Real people.
Real stories.

For me, VLACS is the freedom to be my own person. Every one of the teachers, faculty, and staff I have interacted with during my time here have encouraged me to be nothing but the best and most authentic version of myself. I’ve truly never enjoyed education as much as I have with VLACS.

Brooke Harden
Full-Time High School Student

It is a joy working with students and helping them reach their overall potential. Watching a student grow and figure out who they are meant to be and what they are meant to do, is the true reason why I love what I do.

Mikenzi Darrow
VLACS High School Advisor

My experience with VLACS has been exceptional. I have been able to complete coursework at my own pace, and I can choose which courses interest me. My instructors encourage me to do my best, while providing support along the way.

Camper Dales
Full-Time High School Student

Since I have pulled my son out of public school, he is 100% back to himself. Not only do I know what he is learning day by day, but we get to incorporate it into everyday life! It is so cool seeing him use what he has learned firsthand.

Amanda Quince
Elementary Parent

VLACS has given our family the freedom to travel around the world, learn and explore beyond the limitations of a traditional classroom and strengthen our family unit.

Karine Bialy
Elementary Parent

VLACS not only feels like a second chance at a diploma but as an additional support system… and some instructors feel like wonderful friends.

Kayla Nolin
Adult Education Diploma Student

[My teacher] was so nice. She was always super interested in what I was doing.

Elizabeth Kourbatski
Part-Time High School Student

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