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The Virtual Learning Academy is education designed to be online. We are a virtual school for elementary, middle, high school, and adult learners to earn a degree, earn some credits, explore an interest, or gain valuable career credentials.




VLACS instructor Lindsey DeLorenzo and family at Fenway Park

Sometimes my students don’t give me an answer from the reading or the assignment. Their answers come from their passion and lives. I’m lucky that I get to see that in the classes that I teach for VLACS.

Lindsey DeLorenzo
VLACS Instructor

VLACS instructor Lindsey DeLorenzo and family at Fenway Park
student playing piano

Taking a course at VLACS helped me open up my schedule at my high school.

Sofie Stoll
VLACS Student

student playing piano
VLACS family - Cailean and Robin

The support from the teachers is second to none.

Robin Anderson
VLACS Parent

VLACS family - Cailean and Robin
Your Next Move

VLACS supports every stage of the learning journey.

You have a partner in us as you navigate your next move academically. The last year has caused many to see online education in a new light. Some experiences were better than others.

Many students have used the flexibility and quality of VLACS to supplement their traditional, local education during this uncertain time. VLACS offers a number of opportunities to do so, explore a particular career path, or even earn a diploma through our full-time program.

Whatever your next move is, we would love for you to consider VLACS to be a part of it.


Boy Jumping
girl in the kitchen baking cookies

Options for

K-12 Students

Full-time and part-time elementary, middle, and high school programs.

adult student working on tablet

Options for

Adult Learners

Earn a diploma, prepare for college, learn a new language, or explore new interests.

student and mother at home doing schoolwork

Information for


Parents are a necessary and critical part of the learning process for our students.

working in sewing studio

Information for


We partner with business and education leaders to expand opportunities for students.


Learning takes place everywhere. At VLACS, students get credit for learning everywhere.

Our students can learn full-time or part-time. They can take a course or complete a project. They can experience an internship or a travel-based curriculum. They can obtain career skills through badges, learn with local business leaders, or team up with other virtual students to explore common interests.

With education designed to be online, we have the opportunity to offer both flexibility and rigor to ensure student success.

student shadowing store owner
Work! as Learning Experience

The NH Department of Education and Awato has launched the Work! as Learning Program to connect high school students to work-based experiences! Through the Work! as Learning program, you can get paid up to $15 while receiving on-the-job training from employers across NH. The best part is that as you participate in the training program, you can also earn high school credit through VLACS! 

First, explore job opportunities by visiting awato.io. Create an account, then go to the "Find Opportunities" page. Click the "Experience" tab, find an opening that suits your interest, and apply. After you secure a job, enroll in a VLACS offering that can be taken as an experience, such as Job Shadow or Micro-Internship to earn credit for your work experience!

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