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Online High School Program of the Month: Theater, Cinema and Film Production





spotlight in a theater which is something students will learn about in the vlacs online course about cinema and theater

Editor’s Note: The Virtual Learning Academy Charter School has a fantastic collection of courses, but often an online high school program deserves further explanation. While our on-site course descriptions are informative, we think highlighting the impact, importance and implications of our online high school courses will give students a better idea of the opportunity. Knowing what you can be expected to learn in an online high school program is important, but understanding why the study is relevant and how it will affect your life is something of even greater value. The Online High School Program of the Month series is our way of sharing our passion for learning. Keep an eye out for a new featured high school program every month!

Theatrical productions, cinema and film have been influencing society for hundreds of years. Over the decades society has benefited from some of the greatest storytellers and producers of all time-from Aristotle and Shakespeare to Spielberg and Tarantino. The influence of film and cinema can’t be understated. With its reach and popularity, it is a medium not only for creative expression, but for influential storytelling. Today Americans consume roughly 60 hours of digital media entertainment every week on TVs, mobile devices and tablets.

At Virtual Learning Academy we believe strongly in the arts and the power and importance of film and theater not only in an individual’s life, but also in society in general. As the online high school program of the month, our Theater, Cinema & Film Production class gives students a foundation from which to grow, in one of the most exciting and creative career paths available.

The Theater, Cinema & Film Production class is a half-credit course designed to provide students with a foundational knowledge of film and theater production, including the history and influence the discipline has had on society. Additionally, students will get the opportunity to learn about the basics of lighting, sound, wardrobe, and camera work!

Furthermore, for students who are already working as actors or trying to get their careers started, fluctuating schedules often pose a problem when it comes to traditional schooling, making online high school a no-brainer. In a U.S. News article, a former Columbia University admissions officer remarked, “For actors and athletes, online high school may be the only option.” By attending online high school students are able to continue with their studies without giving up their passions and dreams. For all those up and coming young Shakespeares, Streeps and Spielbergs, the Theater, Cinema and Film Production online course will not only fulfill a high school requirement but will help lay the foundation for a dream career in acting or production.

Some of the main concepts students enrolled in this online high school program will learn are:

  • Film theory vs film criticism
  • Auteur theory
  • Plot and dramatic structures
  • Roles of religion, myth and philosophy in the development of theater
  • The purpose and elements of lighting and sound in film and theater
  • The two main camera types used in film and theater as well as lenses and filters
  • Wardrobe and makeup design
  • How theater impacts the local economy
  • Elements of controversy
  • How directors and actors work together
  • The influence of society on playwrights and screenwriters
  • Dramatic structures
  • Film genres

To read the full list visit the Theater, Cinema & Film Production course page.

As one of the premier virtual learning opportunities in the country, VLACS offers many exciting enrollment opportunities for both part-time and full-time students. Attend an open house to learn more!

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