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Are you looking for ways to learn other than in traditional courses? Do you like learning about new career opportunities? If you answered “yes” to either of these questions, then you may be interested in learning through a project. The project approach to learning allows students to demonstrate mastery of a competency by solving real-world problems through in-depth research and application.

How It Works

Each project lasts approximately 3–4 weeks and equals one competency.

Example 1

US Government




Students will demonstrate an understanding of the organization and operation of United States and New Hampshire government at all levels including the legislative, executive and judicial branches by analyzing relevant documents.


Our firm has been hired by a non profit organization working in favor of a grassroots issue. This issue has become law in New Hampshire but is now facing trial in the courts for its constitutionality. You will write an amicus brief on this issue that will present the position of your organization and attempt to sway the court’s decision. You will consider how this issue has been handled at the Federal executive, judicial and legislative levels, and cite the effects of the law at the state and Federal levels.

Example 2

Fitness Lifestyle Design


Firefighter Peer Fitness Trainer


Student will demonstrate understanding and application of the connection between motor skills and movement patterns to activities that contribute to health related fitness and understand the benefits of physical activity.


Understand the connection between motor skills and movement patterns to activities which contribute to health related fitness. Develop a training schedule and video that will improve the safety and performance of firefighters. Participate in the activities in order to be able to explain their benefits.

Example 3

Physical Science


Materials Lab Technician


Student will demonstrate an understanding of Newton’s Laws of Motion by applying each of Newton’s laws to one of three real-life situations.


Understand Newton’s Law of Motion by testing design elements to determine the best sports helmet to limit a force of impact and creating an ideal helmet.

Imported Layers

Career-Based Themes

Projects prepare students for future pursuits by mastering competencies using real life, career-based themes.

Flexible Application

As with other VLACS learning paths, projects can easily be combined with courses, and experiences to fit each student’s preferred learning style.

flexible application

active participation 2

Active Participation

Students are able to truly master a competency through actively conducting in-depth research and applying it to the problem.


At VLACS, we don’t have a preplanned notion of what a “traditional” student looks like. Each student is unique, both in the their interests and in their approach to learning.


Projects FAQs

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Do I have to complete all of the projects in English, for example, in order to earn a credit in English?

No. At VLACS, you can earn a credit in English through a variety of options as long as you master all of the competencies for that English credit. For example, you can choose to achieve 2 competencies by doing 2 projects. Then, you can take care of the rest of the English competencies through courses.

How long does it take to complete a project?

Projects are designed to take 3 to 4 weeks. If you want to earn an entire credit through a project, that would typically consist of 7-8 projects taking approximately 32 weeks.

What happened to competency recovery?

Don’t worry, you can still “recover” a competency through projects or by enrolling in a single course competency.

How does a student apply to VLACS?

If you would like to apply to be a full-time VLACS student, please review the information on our full-time students admissions page. If you would like additional information you are welcome to attend one of our open house sessions or to contact our office by email (info@vlacs.org) or phone (603-778-2500).

If you would like to be a part-time VLACS student, there is no application process. You can enroll today. See our Enrollment page to learn more.


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